“I just wanted to say a quick thank you.

I have been reading “Crew Wanted!” as I would love to join the yachting industry but have been struggling to bring my family round to the idea and gain their support.

Although I am still trying to convince them, I found that your publication really helped to weigh up the positives and negatives which come with the industry and provided excellent insight and advice.

 Many thanks again and all the best,

— Bryony

“ So thankful to find this page, I´m new in the yacht industry (4 months exp) and 3 contracts in cruise ships. I´m training myself so as to give a better service, and hope this page will also help me. Thanks!!!

—Mel Isa G

“A really honest and useful insight into the yachting industry and how to get a foothold. It describes the positives and negatives as well as giving constructive advice (including crewing agents and local hotspots). I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is thinking about getting into yachting… ”

—Ms. B. Kemp-bonniest lassie

I’m from the Philippines. Nice blog. and thank you so much for the compassion you felt for that 2nd stew of yours. It sure is heartwarming to read as I’m a Filipina myself and used to be a stewardess in yachts.
There are several ISO standard yacht agencies in the Philippines, hope that 2nd stew will soon be back on board and a reputable ‘foreign’ management will liaise her.


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