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When you say YES to others, make sure you are not saying NO to yourself.

Paulo Coelho


As a superyacht stewardess it may go completely against the grain to say no, but believe me when I say they that little 2 letter word could save you a lot of personal drama and professional exhaustion.

From an outsider's perspective, a yacht stewardess may have a glamours and perfect life, but human behaivour runs deep and many things, people and triggers and set even the most patient of us off.

Nothing could be any better than leading a wonderful, stress free and happy life. It takes more than just mere courage to rise against all odds and learn to say no to very many aspects hindering you from the real happiness you deserve.

The truth is, the world is a very interesting and joyful place to be, if you know how to live in it. But the problem is, often we get stuck on a lot of issues and stumbling blocks in our lives, and instead of rising up and fighting, we decide to camp there.

Finding the TRUE happiness you are looking for starts with YOU! You will never get anyone to make you happy if you don't decide to make yourself happy first. You have to decide to change to your life, and take the necessary steps to do it. And what are these steps you have to take to get the happy life you so much desire to have? What should you learn to say no to? What precautions should you take to get nothing but the best out of your life?

Well, to see you through, here are the 5 major steps you have to take, for a better happy life:

  1. Improve Your Self Esteem in Your Work Place

The very first place you need to act on with immediate effect is your work place. This is the place you spend the better part of your day. And as this is so, you need to be happy for long hours to live happy life. And how do you do that? There are 2 things you need to do:

  • Learn to say no (to what makes you unhappy)
  • Learn to say yes (to things that please you)

Learning to Say No

At your work place, there are definitely some things that you usually do and don't make you happy at all. Maybe you have to walk out of your work place alone? Or perhaps you eat lunch all by yourself? Or you get critized a lot by your workmates? Even if what you experience is not among what is mentioned, there must be something that regularly bring your moods down.

And in order to solve this depressing feeling in you, you have to fight it! Yes, fight it! You need to stand on your feet and put an end to doing or standing things that burn your deep down everyday. And in general, here are the things you should learn to fight against:

- Negative thoughts of people at work hating you.

- Thinking you are not good for a certain job.

- Not asking for help from colleagues when you need it.

- Thinking that people talk to you out of pity.

- Thinking that you can never get a promotion because you are not worth.

- Assuming that no one would ever enjoy your company.

Learning to Say Yes

As soon as you stop having those thoughts, you should now take action towards getting happiness by saying yes to things like:

- Starting a conversation with some to your colleagues.

- Complimenting other people's jobs.

- Sitting with your colleagues at lunch.

- Try to laugh at jokes made by other colleagues.

- Ask for a hand when you need one.

- Try to tell some jokes that made you happy to your colleagues.

  1. Improve Communication and Gain Respect

The other thing you should do is try to improve or rather upgrade your communication skills. Most probably, before you decided to change, you spent most of your time alone and rarely talked. And the reasons why you rarely talked is:

- Thinking that your opinion does not matter.

- Getting angry with other people.

- Not listening carefully to what people are saying.

- Having a lot of distractions like stress and depression.

- Getting messed up by desire to argue with people.

- Talking rudely to other people.

Now, in order to deal with all these barriers, you need to learn to fight them. Say no to something that you know will end up making you unhappy. Avoid talking rudely and getting easily annoyed. These will help you again respect very fast. And also, other things you should do to improve your communication and gain respect are:

- Trying to listen first before answering.

- Always approach conversations in a positive manner.

- If you get annoyed, you should just keep silent.

- Learn to talk brief but specific.

- Pull away from all distractions coming your way.

  1. Take More Time For Yourself

This is very effective way to make your life more happier and enjoyable. When you break away from your friends and all the tension around you, you tend to be more peaceful, Taking some time alone helps you think deeply and critically. It helps you weigh all the things going on in your life and get to know what is helping you to improve your life and what is not. It helps you relax your mind and see things from a different point of view. You should learn to take a few hours and carry out some activities like:

- Meditating

- Exploring

- Exercising

These 3 activities will help build your mind as well as your body. They will enhance creativity and being a lot active. You need this all your life in order to appreciate yourself and more happiness to your life.

  1. Unplug: Switch Off Technology and Talk to Someone

The new digital world we are in currently has greatly and adversely affected our relations with other people. Almost 99% of the world's population spend more than 13 hours in technological stuff. The "social" media is now making everyone antisocial. It is stealing from people time to hang out with their friends in the real world.

You, also, chances are high that you are a victim of this. You need to give time to your friends and family. You need to give yourself a break from all this fuss and relax with your buddies. What I would advise you to do, right now, (of course after this article) is to unplug, switch off technology and talk to someone.

  1. Make Decisions that are Right for You

One for the reasons we fail to live happy lives is to make poor decisions or having other people make decisions for us. We tend to take much keen on what people say rather than following our gut instincts. And by doing this, we forget that we have our own lives which we have to live.

We need to make decisions on our own, never let anyone dictate your life. It doesn't mean that you don't ask for other people's opinions, no! Ask for their opinions but make sure the final say comes from you. Make sure that you decide the action you take. And let the decision that you make:

- Be of great importance to you.

- Improve your life.

- Make you happy.

Basically, you have now seen what contributes to an unhappy life and also how to approach and deal with them in the best way possible. Always know that the degree of happiness in your life depends on you. You choose what you want. Go always after your happiness and satisfaction, then all other things will fall into place.


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