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Efficient: Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense

- Oxford dictionary

Getting an opportunity to work on a superyacht is a massive life experience. The luxury, spoils and privilege that surrounds you should not be taken for granted.

Working in such an environment requires the highest standards of service. It is not just for the steward and stewardess, but the owner of the yacht has to set an environment which demands responsibility and quality service.

An effective superyacht stewardess has great management skills which will ensure that people boarding the yacht are a happy lot.

A yacht stewardess has a couple of primary duties. One of them requires them to be effective hospitality managers leading in housekeeping services and guest relations as well as taking care of guests needs.

7 Daily Habits of A Highly Efficient Superyacht Stewardess

The stewardess of a yacht has to be an excellent man-manager, she has to interact with guests in such a manner that inspires and encourages the guests to appreciate the yacht. And when dealing with guests she has to uncompromisingly have the following qualities if she is to qualify working in a rarefied environment of a yacht:

Excellent communication skills

Where would any business or service thrive without communication skills? The stewardess is at the core of guest relations and the way she verbally and non-verbally interacts with them is crucial.

For communication, a stewardess has to be diplomatic and has to be a likable character. She has to be flexible and understanding when she encounters demanding guests. She has to keep her cool and smile often as this is a communicative sign. She must handle guests with professionalism and treat them equally.

Focused and pays attention to detail

The levels of hospitality that a stewardess exhibits on a superyacht have to be a cut above. She should not be ordinary, she should be keen and observe trends in her quarters.

Part of paying attention to detail is knowing how to serve guests their meals with a wide range of styles. Superyachts are a melting pot of the finest international guests. Having a stewardess that can cater to a guest’s preference is a huge plus.

Some of those serving styles are English style, Classic French or even Russian service. She has to be keen on table settings. Will she set the table in Ala Carte, buffet, casual or formal?

These are questions she needs to consider when studying details. A stewardess who knows different preparations of coffee and how to serve wine will make guests very happy. She has to have the desire to look after guests and provide the most meticulous of services.

Has no time for gossip

Gossip is a career killer. First, it will stagnate your personal development and  then destroy your career completely.

Work well with your colleagues like your boss the Chief Stewardess, work well with the deckhands, the captain and your fellow stewardesses professionally and to the highest standard.

Do not  gossip about the guests either, there is a likelihood in a superyacht, you will meet the most prominent, popular and celebrated individuals in the world. Do your job of taking care of them without furthering rumours about them. If you do not waste time in gossip, you will be prompted for your stellar work and exceptional abilities. Your name should only be associated with good service and not gossip.

Has excellent time management skills

This applies in every career. Superyacht crew, should respond to guests’ issues in a timely manner. If it is serving guests their meals, be fast, if it is responding to complaints, be rapid in your response, if they have issues in their cabins, be timely to address their concerns. A happy guest makes for a happy stewardess. Report to work on time, know your schedule and adhere to it. You should be alert on a round-the –clock basis.

Asks for help when needed 

The probability of working in a superyacht is that you will juggle several tasks at one go. For the Chief Stewardess, they should be apt in delegating tasks to the interior department and so on.

They have to invest trust in their juniors to run with several tasks. Chances are that, they may do them better than if you decided to hog their duties, a good leader knows how to delegate tasks.

For the stewardess, ask for assistance where the need arises. Do not make mistakes where they could have been avoided by a little help. If it is a language barrier with a guest, ask for someone who understands, if you are finding challenges setting the table in a particular way, ask for assistance.

Never stops learning

A superyacht is an environment which gives you the unique opportunity to learn new things in the high-end side of life. Learning new ways of relating with guests, learning a new language, learning new cleaning techniques and so forth. The more you learn, the more you know.

This learning process never stops and in a 7-star environment of a superyacht, this is doubtless. For the good of your career as a stewardess, do not settle, continue to stretch your mind and have a learning attitude.

Is kind and grateful

When you receive a tip for your good work acknowledge it with a thankful gesture. When you are dealing with guests be courteous and humble. Guests pose a challenge because of their varying characteristics, but handle them with a kind posture, they may well warm up to you. If they are mean or gentle, be kind and keep smiling.

These are just a few   Daily Habits of A Highly Efficient Superyacht Stewardess.

I always recommend taking ideas, and develop them to suit your own situation and needs. Remember that there is no right or wrong way, it's up to you to create your own unique way that is mutually beneficial for all parties concerned.

Daily Habits of A Highly Efficient Superyacht Stewardess


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