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In a time when it is no longer possible to ignore the needs of our planet, The Stewardess Bible takes this opportunity to speak with Holistic Hospitality. These ex-Superyacht stewardesses make it their business to deliver luxury products to the client without the expense to the environment.

Holistic Hospitality


Luxury and green integrity can go hand in hand.- Holistic Hospitality

Where do you come from?

Ellen was born in The Netherlands and currently lives in Pringle Bay, South Africa and Laureth is South African but currently living in Australia.

What do you do in your spare time?

We both enjoy spending time with family, walking on the beach, hiking, reading, having fun with friends.

Ellen occasionally works for a European PR company and enjoys exploring Western Cape's beautiful surroundings with their (organic, biodynamic) wine farms.

Laureth is a keen diver and campaigns for ocean conservation in her spare moments.

What makes you laugh?

It doesn't take much to make us laugh...friends, funny stories, people, our animals... There always is a reason to laugh or smile.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?

Ideally, we would love to sail around the world, working away on our long term dream of ensuring Holistic Hospitality becomes the "go to" for all earth friendly, zero harm products used on super yachts.

Where would be your favourite holiday destination and why?

Ellen: Fiji, I love the South Pacific and ‘island life’, would definitely soak up the Polynesian culture.

Laureth: Next on my wishlist is Palau for some diving bliss...

What inspires you?

Ellen: People that care and make a difference, in many ways, it always humbles me.

Laureth: Finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

How long have you worked in/with the Superyacht industry?

We both worked as stewardesses on super yachts for quite a few years before dreaming of HH 11 years ago. So counting it all together we have been part of the industry for almost 14 years.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

We both believe that achieving balance in life is a huge accomplishment. Being part of a happy family, spending time with great friends, having a successful business, giving back to the community you live in and the larger community we are all a part of, creating a healthy space around you, taking care of the earth and oceans we all depend on...  These are all elements of a lifetime of accomplishments. 

Can you work under pressure?

Yes, fortunately we seem to work better under pressure and we enjoy the challenge it presents.

What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

Difficult situations seem to be part of life on a yacht and in fact life in general, but often the most challenging thing is to keep your cool, stay grounded and be kind. We find that this philosophy can diffuse any heated or difficult situation and change the outcome to a positive one.  Professionally, our difficult situations often stem from supply or logistic issues and this is how we tend to deal with them.

What are your pet hates?

A lack of integrity or honesty is one quality we find particularly hard to deal with. 

Tell me about the last time you felt anger on the job?

It was more disappointment than anger, but we found an awesome supplier of recycled, high quality toilet paper and paper towels that wasn't wrapped in plastic, went through the whole process of adding them to our database and store, figuring out the transport costs to various places in the world and then they went out of business. It's always sad for us to see people with good intentions and good ideas fail to capture the market.

Another thing that is really disappointing to see is well established Eco friendly (cleaning) brands that lose some integrity along the way and then start adding not so ‘green’ ingredients. This never makes sense to us.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

We really love being able to help crew find products that they need and use every day that are of high quality, effective and yet earth and ocean friendly. It makes us happy when crew are satisfied with the results and we feel that we've done our job, whilst caring for our environment.

When did you develop a passion for design?

Laureth has had a passion for design and art since she was just a little girl, always drawing and making things.

Ellen has a love for beautiful, well designed items.

What type of reading do you do on a daily basis?

Besides lots of reading and research on sustainable solutions and new ideas, Ellen enjoys  reading a variety of Dutch books to keep in touch with her heritage and mother tongue.

Laureth also enjoys reading design blogs, yoga and spiritual philosophy books and a few romantic novels from time to time!

Introducing Holistic Hospitality

Can you please tell us about Holistic Hospitality?

We firmly believe that being sensitive and responsible about our impact on the environment is essential to any kind of sustainable life on earth.  Environmental concern is deeply rooted in our personal and business philosophy, and we are passionately committed to cruelty-free development and manufacturing of our products with the least amount of ecological footprint possible. 

We like to educate and create awareness to the seriousness of the decline of our marine life.

All of the products on our site have been selected, sourced and tested with the utmost attention to detail and our principles. Consider us your personal 'responsible' buyer for everything you might need on a yacht, private or charter. We will source biodegradable, natural and where possible organic products, ensure they are delivered in your preferred port of call and be your only contact throughout the entire process to eliminate sometimes challenging dealings with various suppliers.

HH OrganicSpa full range

When was Holistic Hospitality, founded and who are the company directors/ founding members?

The idea and philosophy behind Holistic Hospitality was born in 2005 while we were working on a yacht in the Mediterranean. The owners were very health conscious, but also very concerned about their environmental impact.

This experience as well as our love for the ocean and people really inspired us to work towards making our dream a reality and ultimately making the ocean a greener place.

We understand the time constraints and stresses within the industry, and also the difference that innovative products and tools can make to alleviate these stresses. We wanted to start a company that would benefit both the people living around us and the environment we live in.

Holistic Hospitality

What is the mission statement from Holistic Hospitality?

Luxury and green integrity can go hand in hand.

What makes your brand so unique and what sets you apart from industry peers?

We take a holistic approach when selecting which companies we source our products from - and through this commitment, we aspire to have a positive impact on our environment, the people we work with and our customers. Together we can make a difference. 

Does Holistic Hospitality follow design trends?

Our main focus is on sustainable products with minimum environmental impact and maximum efficiency. 

Holistic Hospitality

How do you choose what pieces/ items to offer?

We choose products based on both our own experience of working on yachts and also by listening to our customers and their needs. We want to make sure we can offer an integrated supply service for super yachts, islands and boutique hotels that will provide plenty of environmentally sound options for day to day products.

What is it like working with Superyacht crew?

We really enjoy the challenges of sourcing products for super yacht crew. Most of the time they are under pressure with huge time constraints and we like to find solutions within the time frame they need them.

Holistic Hospitality

Do you offer guidance and advice for Superyacht owners and crew looking to place an order?

Yes, we prefer to chat with clients to get more of a feel of exactly what is needed before an order is placed. This also enables us to suggest alternatives and new products that might benefit them.

What is the usual delivery time for a standard order?

This all depends on the origin and destination of the products, but we aim for within a week to 10 days if products are ready to ship.

Holistic Hospitality 3 Organic amenities and spa products

Contact Holistic Hospitality Today

Ellen Oerlemans: +27 72 241 5800
Laureth Craggs: +61 406 656 355
Web site:
Skype: Holistic-Hospitality

 Holistic Hospitality 1

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