Superyacht Stewardess

From Superyacht stewardess to Entrepreneur : One woman's story of success after yachting!

Where do you come from?

I was born in Bulgaria in 1979 in small town called Varna. This is the sea capital of Bulgaria.

I grew up in happy family with my parents and my older sister.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to watch documentary movies and drink tea!

What makes you laugh?

I enjoy having fun with my friends, but the person that makes me laugh all the time is my partner!

He has a great sense of humor and he can find the positive side in everything, even when he watches bad news on the TV.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?

In the next few years I am planning to become a mum... Wish me good luck with this one! I have heard is not easy... hahaha!

It was hard to cut my sea legs too, but I did it!

Where would be your favourite holiday destination and why?

I have been traveling around the world since I was 19 years old to be honest I really like Spain. The weather is nice all the time and the people are very friendly.

But I also like Canada and Florida and Rome and... OMG I think I need to go back to yachting... 🙂

I Would like to visit so many places FOR FREE before I can answer this question....

Where do like to shop?

Good question... My favorite shopping spot is On Line... I do not like to walk for hours and try different clothes... That's not for me.

I believe that if you love what you do, you will take this "pressure" as an adventure and you will enjoy it.

Vanya 2

What inspires you?

The work I do. I really like to know that I am helping people find their perfect job! 

I really like to watch inspirational videos on you tube or read Robert Kiyosaki

How long have you worked in the super yacht industry?

I have started in the yachting industry on 60m heavy charter motor yacht as a junior stew and I worked there for one year.

After that my ex Captain - Dusty Suckmann found me online and I was working on 50m Feadship for the next 4 years. As you can see I am a long term girl.. Ha-ha

What are your biggest accomplishments?

Thanks to my last boat I was working on (a 50m Feadship),  managed to buy a small apartment!

Can you work under pressure?

It's hard, but I think I can! All the boats and cruise ships that I have worked was chartered boats so the pressure is 24/7. But I believe that if you love what you do, you will take this "pressure" as an adventure and you will enjoy it.

What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

Sea life is a double sided coin - you enjoy the sea every day, but you miss so many important things at home- birthdays of your friends and family, special accusations etc.

It's hard to be a part from your family and your loved ones!

What type of reading do you do on a daily basis?

I do prefer to watch documentary movies or motivational and inspirational programs on YouTube. I am not a TV person!

PC and uncle Google is all I have..:) And it's more than I can ever learn.

vanya pagon small

If you could go back and change something related to your education (or your life as a student), what would you change?; or what would you do differently?

When I was younger, I did not believe in myself.

Sometimes I feel the same way now! I was always thinking that I don't have  enough skills to achieve my goals and I was always finding a reason to not take actions.

This is how I have missed a lot of opportunities that I had and now I realize that self esteem and updating your knowledge is the power that moves the individuals and the whole world forward.

That's why in the yachting industry you can see many people with maritime education, for example, that are still unable to find a good job!

It's not because they are not educated or they don't have the qualifications. It's the positive thinking and the ability to see all the available options in your personal or professional life!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love to travel for free and save money... hahah who doesn't?

If you love to see different places and get well paid yachting is for you! That's why I did 5 years of mega yacht and 8 years on cruise ships!

Different life, but it's all about visiting different countries and enjoying the unlimited travel ticket! Set yourself a goal before you start in the yachting industry and I am sure that you will achieve it, if you only save 70% of your income!

This is an industry that you can save money! Don't miss this opportunity!

Can you recommend a service or a product that may be helpful to Super yacht Stewardesses?

Well, times are changing and we can see new stuff coming up on the market every day, but I would say that the best way to stay updated is to read more and get different courses.

 If there is just one piece of advice that you could give to our fellow stewardesses, what would it be?
Even if you are finding it hard to get into the yachting industry and find a job DO NOT GIVE UP! Invest time for your qualifications and create your professional yacht CV.

Be positive and have a goal. Do not waist 3-5 or 10 years of your life at sea for no reason!

Save your money and achieve your dreams !


Introducing: DockJobCrew


Can you please tell us about Dock Job Crew?

Dock Job Crew was created to help all Captains/Employers/Owner Representatives /Boat Owners and crew to connect to each other.

Dock Job Crew if free yachting job portal. Professional yacht crew can register their CV online and Captains will be able to download unlimited yacht CVs any time they need crew for their boats or they can post free classifieds!

Crew members can also post free classifieds and become visible to the Employers!
To activate your free profile online Dock Job Crew you need to add a full description of yourself - what you are looking for, your yachting experience etc.

If you would like to create free crew profile you need to have pictures and CV attached to your account in order to use Dock Job Crew for free.

When did you develop this idea for Dock Job Crew and what are the benefits?

  • The Benefits for all users are available online Dock Job Crew.
  • The crew can activate free crew banners once they become referees.
  • Free video article are available for all crew members that would like to introduce them self to the Captains.
  • All crew can also post free classifieds and let the Captains know that they are available at the moment - what is their yacht experience and qualifications and how the Captains can contact them directly.
    Captains/Employer/Owner Representative Benefits - Free profile is available for all private employers and crew agencies.
  • They can post unlimited free classifieds.
    Special Membership has been developed for this type of users called Multi Level-Full Access Membership.
  • Dock Job Crew allowed to those members to have unlimited access to our crew database and double their own table of professional yacht crew!

Dock Job Crew is not a crew agency! This is Facebook for yachties

Captains (chief stew, mates.. Etc.) can post free classifieds and all crew can contact directly the Captains. Free connection between yacht crew and employers.!

Many people ask  me: Ok, if its free what is your profit and how do you make money?
It's simple! Dock Job Crew have 3 types of profiles - crew, employers and business.
All profiles have free and VIP options that are not mandatory.

Free registration will give a chance to all crew to contact the Captains directly, for example, but if you believe in yourself and you would like to advertise your crew profile we can activate a crew banner for you that will make your profile visible to all Owner Representatives/Private Employers/Boat Owners and they will be able to contact you before they even post their job offer!

Dock Job Crew can create your Professional Yacht Video CV that will be advertised with crew banner. Free advertising options are available as well!

You can get free crew banner if you become referral and you invite some of your friends to join our free yachting job community.

All free crew members can also post classifieds about their crew availability and become visible to all employers.

Employer profile is free for all: Private employers -Captains, Mates, Chief Stews, etc., Owners Representatives, Boat Owners and crew agencies. Free classifieds are available for our employers.

VIP options are available but not mandatory and our VIP Employers can download unlimited crew CVs and get in direct contact with all crew members.

If you have Business profile we will create for your business page visible to all free users and you will have the chance to share your business with all free users online Dock Job Crew. We will boost your products or services with a banner(s) depending on your membership.

Dock Job Crew will create and publish a video article about your business and will share it with our crew and Captains. We also have many free advertising options for our partners.

The affiliate program is available and all business profiles will have the opportunity to add your products to our crew store and double your sales! This type of profile is appropriate for ex yachties that have a small business or big yachting companies that would like to get new customers!

Dock Job Crew is open to new partnerships and free advertising!Feel free to contact us if you have ideas how we can help your business and you can help our crew members and Captains!


Take advantage of what DOCK JOB CREW has to offer!

Dock Job Crew.COM


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