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How Much Does a Superyacht Stewardess Get Paid? Working on a Superyacht can be described as a bittersweet experience. 

It is work characterized by a mix of extreme highs and extreme lows. The adventure that is touring some of the most exotic destinations on earth also doubles up as a round the clock service job for the yacht crew, specifically the Superyacht stewardess.


How Much Does a Superyacht Stewardess Get Paid?

A yacht stewardess is charged with the responsibility of making sure the hospitality and accommodation bit of the guest’s stay is up to standard, any time any day. This then begs the question: What is the Super Yacht Stewardess Salary?

Before deliberating on the salary, it is important to first understand what it is, a Stewardess does on a Super Yacht.

In this regard, one begins by appreciating the other yacht crew members offering services to the guests in the yacht. The basic crew construction is made up of the following:

  • Captain
  • First and second mate/bosun
  • Deckhand
  • Engineers 
  • Chefs.
  • A stewardess’ work is complimented by that of the other crew members.

The number of the crew members, except the captain, of course, depends on the size of the yacht and/or the number of guests.

This goes to show that for each crew member there’s a clear job description. For the stewardess, the job description comprises a host of tasks; some of which are sometimes not put in writing.

A stewardess is responsible for everything that happens inside the yacht, to find out exactly what a super yacht stewardess and chief stewardess does just click on the links.

  • There’s the chief or head stewardess, senior or first stewardess and a junior stewardess or stewardesses depending on the size of the yacht. The senior and junior stewardesses mostly feature in major and medium size yachts. Small yachts tend to have one stewardess, whom attends to the needs of the guests.
  • The job description is a cocktail of housekeeping activities which needs a can-do attitude for the better part of the day.
  • The stewardess is expected to provide 7-star services when it comes to dining, drinking, laundry and cleaning up services, floral arrangements and cabin preparation.
  • A stewardess is answerable to the chief stewardess or the captain of the yacht she is on. In this position, she anticipates every situation before it happens.
  • A stewardesses, ability is pinned on how much attention she pays to detail and the way she carries out her duties. She should be fast to learn every guest’s preferences and need, and use this to make them as comfortable as possible on the yacht.

For one to qualify as a stewardess, they would need a convincing background in the service industry such as customer care or hospitality, culinary mastery and/or housekeeping.

  • The other important requirement would be STCW95, and ENG1. It is an added advantage to master silver service, wine knowledge, cocktail service and bartending skills.

In addition, it may not be written, but a stewardess is a discrete person who practices confidentiality and displays good organizational skills. A Chief stewardess may also be called upon to see to IT/ accounting and management matters.

  • The guest also expects that the stewardess speaks his/her native language, therefore being multi-lingual comes in handy.

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Upon review of this information, we re-visit the earlier question: What is the Super Yacht Stewardess Salary?

  • A look at the industry’s salaries reveals that position matters and hence a chief stewardess’ salary is not similar to a junior stewardess’ salary.  
  • Neither is a 20-30 meter yacht stewardess’ salary the same as one working in an 80 meter plus yacht. Besides the position and size of the yacht, experience, use of the yacht (charter or private) and the style of the boat (power or sail) play a major role in determining how much a stewardess on Super yacht gets paid.

Other contributing factors include qualifications of the stewardess and the travelling itinerary of the yacht.

On average, a Super Yacht stewardess gets paid about £1,750 - £3,000 on a small yacht and £ 2,500 - £ 4000 per month on larger yachts.

Important to note is that these salaries are subject to change and does not inclusive of tips which add to the salary amount.

Though they add to the salary’s final tally, tips hinge on the guest’s resolution. Stewardesses are expected to file their own personal income tax in accordance to the tax rules and regulations of their respective countries. In most cases, this is done with the help of an International tax guru.

  • While on board, a stewardess is entitled to food and drink, accommodation, basic toiletries and uniform, transport to and from home and other on board expenses.
  • In fact, most yacht owners cover the stewardess’ health and accident insurance. Furthermore, on the stipulated annual 4-6 week holiday, a stewardess is paid is paid in full.
  • Pay increment is dependent mostly on performance. In essence, the stewardess does not incur any costs related to overheads. However, the stewardess is expected to provide for their personal effects.

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In matters of career progression, a stewardess advances to become a purser.

A purser’s role is mainly administrative and found mostly in extremely large yachts. In this position, one works for a monthly income of between £ 4,500 and £ 6,000. She is however required to have strong and competitive skills in administration, crew management and all service industry abilities.

Other stewardesses progress career-wise to become more influential staff members in the hotel industry such as operations managers. There are those who move to become a housekeeper / butler of the yachts owner’s residence or even secure a job on a cruise liner.

For some, this compensation is not enough for the stewardess’ hard work and diligence; while others see it as one of the best jobs to cultivate a savings culture.

There’s much about being a stewardess which hasn't and can’t be documented. How much a stewardess is paid plays a big role in service delivery.

However, it is passion and determination for the job that makes a stewardess appreciative of the pay received.


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