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Fall seven times. Stand up eight.
~ Japanese Proverb

The Superyacht industry is truly a unique place to work, and as such you can easily get swept up in the drama that can be associated with living in a bubble.

Here at The Stewardess Bible, we know that you are more than a pretty face, that’s why we wanted to write about things that are important to you as a person.

Living in the now and developing Mindfulness is a great way of NOT sweating the small stuff... Controlling the habitual reactions to situations and choosing how you want to live your life.

Mindfulness seems to be the ‘buzz’ word of this generation. His Holiness the Dali lama lives by it, Deepak Chopra teaches it and the Harvard Medical School students are writing research reports about it.

So why is mindfulness receiving so much attention these days, especially since the world is getting busier and busier.

  • We make a plan for the weekend whilst watching TV and playing with the dog.
  • We fold the washing whilst watching the kids.
  • We eat our lunch whilst sat at our desk for 8 hours without a break.
  • We drive our cars around on auto pilot.
  • We "do, do, do, do, do, do," all day long without engaging our brains into the one single activity that we are actually doing at the time.

The Superyacht stewardess does the all of the above, just in a different way. Her day is just as busy as the regular woman at home.

This article will explain what mindfulness is, how it comes to be and how we can master mindfulness in with our busy daily schedules.

Mindfulness & The Superyacht stewardess

What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgement” (Siegel 2009, Harvard Health Publications).

The History of Mindfulness:

The art of mindfulness has been around for generations with strong roots being founded in Buddhism, however every religion, prayer group and meditation practices, teach us to be aware of the present moment and leave the preoccupying thoughts behind.

For those readers who are not religious at all then you will be pleased to know that science is now taking an interest in mindfulness as it helps to reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and minds, which results in a happier more positive outlook on life.

Mindfulness also decreases psychological symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, sleep and mood disorders.

Mastering the Art of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is being present in the mind at the present moment, it is being aware of your body, mind and spirit; it is paying attention to words, tasks, feelings, and atmosphere.

Mindfulness is not some new age “mumbo jumbo” nonsense created by hippies and social outcasts to shame the rest of us for living extravagant lives; it is a way of thinking and a way of being that EVERYONE has instant access to regardless of your personal beliefs or religious followings.

We can cultivate and nurture mindfulness through various mediums, such as:

  • Basic mediation and mindfulness. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing, let the thoughts come in and out, do not judge these thoughts or put any pressure on yourself at this time. Practice a mantra out loud or quietly to yourself; the idea here is to systematically focus your attention on what you are doing and how you are feeling.
  • Body sensations: Notice any subtle or strong sensations in your body, notice they don’t think about them or judge them, now let them pass.
  • Sensory: Notice, smells, sounds, sights, colours, tones, taste and touch, do not judge them and let them pass.
  • Emotions and urge surging: Coping with cravings can be challenging for us all; so the idea here is to notice how your body is responding to the urge. Replace the physical urge with knowledge, that in time it will pass. You are aware that nothing ever stays the same and life is a continual river of change. You have the power within you to resist the urge.

By practicing mindfulness techniques, daily you will slowly be empowered to take your life into your own hands without judging yourself or placing unrealistic expectations upon your personal goals.

It is about being kind to you and giving you the tools to handle all of life’s little challenges in a calm state of awareness. So next time, you feel stressed or upset, remember to take a step back, breath and focus on what you are doing. If you practice mindfulness daily then your life as a Superyacht stewardess will get easier and easier.

Mindfulness & The Superyacht Stewardedss

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Kylie O'Brien

Author, Writer & Founder at The Stewardess Bible
Kylie is an Ex - Superyacht Chief Stewardess, and Hotel Manager from Sydney, Australia. Passionate about sharing information, you can find her typing up a storm in her small home office, or breathing in the cool wind off the North Sea, in Zeeland, Netherlands.
Kylie O'Brien
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