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When it comes to providing outstanding service to a guest,  the power of a smile in body language cannot be overstated

As human beings, it may surprise some people to learn just how much of how we communicate with one another is non verbal.

We pick up on little cues that allow us to get an idea of how someone is feeling or what their intentions are before a word is ever spoken. Because of this ability to read body language, it's essential that anybody who works with the public learns how to give off a positive impression at all times.

Remember, it's not always what you say, it's how you say it. If you approach a guest or customer with a smile the chances of your interaction with them ending in a positive way are much better. 

Super Yacht Chief Stewardess

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. It doesn't matter if you are a retail store, a hotel, super yacht, or an online retailer. As a Superyacht stewardess, you need to realize that the way you treat your guests will directly impact the future success of the yacht as a charter business.

This means that smiling needs to become second nature to you.

Whenever a  guest approaches you, or you approach them, you need to have a smile on your face. You need to greet them with a friendly hello, and you need to showcase body language that lets them know that you are happy, and more importantly that you appreciate them being there.

This positive showing on your part will help to influence the way that your encounter with them will go. Maybe they have a simple question and you can quickly answer it.

Maybe they are upset, if this is the case, then greeting them with a smile and positive body language is even more important. While you may not be able to resolve every complaint completely to a guest's satisfaction, you can treat them respectfully and show concern so that they know that you care.

The power of a smile in body language is significant.

It's a way to show your guests  that you have a strong desire and commitment to keeping them happy. If you work in a guest services field one of the most important things you can do is to learn to separate your personal and professional life.

Maybe you woke up this morning and you weren't feeling well. Or maybe you're having a lot of personal upheaval in your life right now. The bottom line is that these are personal issues that have no place in your workplace. You need to learn to shut out all of your personal concerns when you are at work, and give your full attention to your guests.

They don't want or need to know that you have personal issues going on. What they need is to see you with a smile, exuding positive body language, and being there to greet and help them with whatever they need.

By learning how to smile at treat guests the right way,  you can provide them the kind of service that will make them want to return. 

Now that the power of a smile in body language should be clear to you, it's important that you set an example for others in your workplace.

It doesn't matter if you are a purser, chief stewardess or junior stewardess, leading by example is a great way to get the message across to others that smiling and making the right impression on guests is essential.

So what can you do as only one person?

You can help to start building a culture where smiling and positively greeting every guest becomes commonplace. You can help others to learn about how important non visual communication is.

Even if you aren't in a position of leadership you can lead by example. Given enough time your colleagues should notice the way that you treat guests, and management will as well.

This can lead to further career advancement opportunities for you, and it may also prompt management to urge other workers to adopt your example.

We've all heard the old saying that the customer is always right. The truth is that while the sentiment is a great way to look at customer service, it's actually far from the truth.

In fact, in many cases customers and guests are wrong and get upset about something that is not the fault of the business they are at. Does this mean that you should tell a customer they're wrong? No, of course not.

As a super yacht stewardess you will have to go to great lengths to ensure that your guests feel comfortable happy and if need be RIGHT!

You may have to explain the position or policies of the vessel, and you may not be able to give them the resolution that they want. However, you should never be as harsh as to tell a guest  that they are wrong. Instead, you should remember to approach them with a smile, and always be respectful to them.

Even if they don't like what you have to tell them, the fact that you use non-verbal communication such as smiling will help to make the encounter with them less hostile and more positive.

Learning excellent customer service skills are the key to both your success as a person, and the key to your success in the Superyacht industry.

Remember that a lot of how we communicate as people is non-verbal in nature.

If you approach a guest  with a frown and a slouch you are going to get your interaction with them off on the wrong foot. At that point, even if you have nothing but wonderful things to tell them they will already get a bad feeling just by looking at you.

Instead, you need to make sure that you stand up tall, show them that you are a positive person, and always greet them with a smile.

You want your guests, to feel welcome and appreciated, and showing them a smile is a great way to start this process.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

- Mother Teresa

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