Superyacht Stewardess

The chief stewardess is one busy lady.
A strong, beautiful, independent woman who gets the job done.

What does a super yacht chief stewardess do?

Who is the Superyacht chief stewardess?

The superyacht chief stewardess has all of the qualities of a yacht stewardess only more refined. She is an elegant, bubbly hostess with a warm welcoming personality, with the knowledge and experience to can get the job done.

The Superyacht chief stewardess is a stewardess who has the most experience amongst the stewardesses on board. A professional in this position usually, reports to the captain of the yacht directly.

She will be in charge of the yacht interior. The male counterpart in a similar position is usually known as a super yacht chief steward.

The duties of a stewardess in such a high position are quite varied. If you think that a job at such a level would suit you, then you need to be familiar with the job description of a super yacht chief stewardess.

The following job description is a broad generalization of some of the roles of a chief stewardess and it  is important to note that the job description and duties will vary  for each yacht, depending on size, culture and geographical location.

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What are the roles of a super yacht chief stewardess?

When considering the role of the chief stewardess, one must think along the lines of a hotel manager.

The super yacht chief stewardess is the ultimate go-to person with regard to the hospitality services that are provided to the guests. It is her job to ensure that she anticipates the needs of the guests. This will enable her to give instructions for the stewards and stewardesses to meet those needs. 

Some of the services that she is in charge of include ensuring that guests have the meals and drinks that they need. She is also in charge of ensuring that guest activities keep the guests happy and occupied.

The chief stewardess is also in charge of making sure that guests in need of valet services are able to obtain them. If a guest needs, local currency, she will have to make sure that it is obtained. Transportation, and personal shopping  for guests will also be her responsibility.

Depending on the size of the yacht, the chief stewardess may or may not me hands on with housekeeping duties. However, she is responsible for keeping the vessel clean and she is in charge of organizing the stewardesses/steward's whom will execute  the housekeeping duties.

The ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the yacht is clean and comfortable for both the guests and the crew  is on her. If anything goes wrong, then all the responsible parties will be held accountable by her.

All cleaning and polishing of the cabin and property of guests is supervised by the chief stewardess. The chef of the yacht is responsible for the food and kitchen. However, the chief steward needs to make sure that the standards of hygiene in the galley are upheld. If those standards are not upheld, then she will be accountable to the captain of the vessel.

The super yacht chief stewardess will also be required to liaise with the galley when it comes to menu planning. This is to make sure that any special nutritional needs that guests have been taken into account and met.

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Vessel Operations
Everything that is required to run the interior of a super yacht successfully is in the hands of a super yacht chief stewardess. For that reason, keeping the inventory of all the items needed within the yacht falls on her shoulders. If anything is missing, then it falls on this professional to find out the parties accountable. 

The interior accounting duties are the responsibility of the chief stewardess. She needs to be able to reconcile the accounts. Anything that has been purchased for use within the yacht must be accounted for.

Budgeting for things that need to be purchased is also her responsibility. If the financial system she is using does not provide accountability, then it is her duty to report the matter to the captain. Even the purchasing of items needed for both the crew and the guests of the yacht is part of the job description. 

Super Yacht Chief Stewardess

Human Resources
The chief stewardess is only as good as the team who is supporting her. In order for a yacht to be fully functional, then it needs a number of people to perform different functions.

The super yacht chief stewardess is responsible for obtaining these people. She will be required to source for the staff, which may include housekeeper, stewards and stewardesses. The job of vetting them is hers, because she will be in charge of them.

While the captain is ultimately responsible for the maintenance of discipline in his vessel, any issues of discipline that come up will likely go through the chief stewardess first.

If one of the crew is slacking on the job, she will be responsible for rectifying the situation. She is also responsible for ensuring that the crew  within the yacht treat the guests with respect and in a professional manner. Any difficult cases of indiscipline are likely to go through her to the captain.

Working in a yacht everyday can become quite difficult, especially for the newer crew of the yacht. The work of motivating the stewardesses, especially those at the entry level position falls on the super yacht chief steward.

She has a duty to ensure that there is a fair distribution of duties among her juniors. She is also responsible for creating a rotational chart that will vary the duties among all the people working under her.

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Vessel Management
In order for any yacht to keep on operating smoothly, there must be guidelines and policies that each person follows the letter.

As with every department head, the chief stewardess is responsible for the execution and maintenance of the policies, rules and regulations within the yacht. 

She is also in charge of creating and updating manuals for both guests and employees within the vessels. These are meant to provide information while guiding the conduct of everyone on board the vessel to establish order.

During emergencies, everyone on board must have a clear direction of what is required of him or her. Safety is part of the job description of a super yacht chief stewardess too. Depending on the operational procedures of the yacht, generally she is in charge of ensuring that boats for emergencies are stowed away properly.

She  is also  responsible for ensuring that safety is maintained in the event of any emergency that occurs at sea.

Super yacht chief stewardess

Evidently, based on the above roles played by a super yacht chief stewardess, you need to be willing to be very flexible when it comes to work.

The job expects the professional in question to be very responsible, while having the ability to delegate tasks accurately and in a warm professional manner.

If you relish challenges, have excellent communication skills with your interior team and captain then perhaps you should consider working your way up to that position.


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