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The Order of Service

As a super yacht stewardess it is important to know the order of table service, for many reasons. Below are  a few guidelines to help you master the art of fine dining table service.

The order of service may vary from culture to culture, and it is important to know the cultural norms of your guest; however, for the purpose of this chapter I will use English etiquette as an example.

The Order of Service

  • Service begins with the lady of honour who is normally seated to the right of the host, and proceeds counter clockwise ending with the host. However, if you do not know who the guest of honour is (a good clue would be who is sleeping in the VIP cabin), or if the atmosphere on board is not so formal then a ‘general rule of thumb’ is to serve all of the female guests first.

  • Followed by all of the men ending with the host.

  • If you get confused with who is more important, etc., the most important tips is to always follow the order of service in 1 direction. Do not go back and forth as this wastes time and looks very unprofessional.

  • Depending on your resources there will normally be 2 or more stewardesses on service so the flow of service should be smooth and efficient.

  • Plates are always served and cleared on the left.

  • Plates are normally cleared at one time, after the host has finished, with the exception of desert where individual plates are cleared as the guest finish.

  • Beverages are always served and cleared from the right.

  • If the same wine is served consecutively, then you may use the same glass, however, if the wines are changing with the courses the you will need to place a fresh glass for the new wine. (4)

This article was taken from my new book:

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service 

The Order of Service

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