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The Stewardess Bible- Revised Print Edition & E-Book
Every piece of advice in this book is backed by 100% experience and in-depth peer-reviewed research. Best Value! Price includes 2 books: + 1 x electronic version (available immediately) upon payment +1 x revised print edition (to be sent once to your specified address) +1 x Special edition “The Stewardess Bible Communications Book” perfect for the pantry or the laundry +1 Free shipping worldwide
The Stewardess Bible - Print Edition Only
The Stewardess Bible - Print Edition Only
This is a print edition version (Only) of The Stewardess Bible. Price includes the communication book for free. As of 26 October 2017 shipping will be included.
The Stewardess Bible E-Book
* Module One: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service, * Module Two: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Cocktails. * Module Three: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection.
The Stewardess Bible Module One E-Book
The Stewardess Bible is a series of reference modules, that have been created to help the super yacht stewardess manage daily tasks in an easier, more time efficient, and stress free manner. The guide has something for everyone, from a junior yacht stewardess through to the management level Chief Stewardess, offering step by step advice with detailed how to lists which includes theoretical information and practical examples.
The Stewardess Bible Module Two E-Book
“Cocktails” is the second book of The Stewardess Bible trilogy series. It is the only reference book you will ever need when setting up your bar. This book contains over 150 cocktail recipes with many colour photographs.
The Stewardess Bible Module Three  E-Book
The Stewardess Bible Module Three E-Book
Explaining the art and science of housekeeping, “The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection” hones in on misjudgments that can be costly. The inclusive guide includes sections detailing green alternatives to harsh cleaning solvents. To help super yacht stewardesses understand the complexities of their tasks, “The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection” includes real-life case studies focused on common scenarios. Also, the third module of the series includes motivational tips to help super yacht stewardesses remain focused on their jobs.
Crew Wanted
Crew Wanted.Everything You Need to Know About How to Find Work on a Yacht. It is a step by step 'guide book' into landing your dream job on board some of the worlds most magnificent vessels or commonly known as Super Yachts.

Achieving Excellence in Service

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service, offers Standard operational procedures specific to the super yacht interior department

Creating the Perfect Cocktails

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Cocktail, includes 21 chapters and five appendices covering every angle of the art of cocktails.

Housekeeping Perfection

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection, discusses a number of costly misjudgments. This module helps stewardesses understand the true dynamics of their tasks.

A Fresh New Product

Unlocking the full potential of your super yachting career. The Stewardess Bible is a powerful toolkit revealing every trade secret that will enable you to shine “in your own time” on board.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

” A well written, valuable resource and an absolute ‘must-have’ for any professional yacht stewardess”

Julien van der Jacht

Vander Jacht

“The Stewardess Bible is a wonderful, very helpful book which every stewardess should have in her cabin stuck somewhere along with family and friends photos. I would say: Any stewardess’s rescue book. Well done Kylie wish there was more ladies around like you!!!

Katija Kipre

Chief Stewardess

“Wow. What a fantastic resource for aspiring Yacht Steward/esses. If only I had this book when starting out in the industry! I would recommend the “Stewardess Bible” for every Yacht wanting a superb Guest experience onboard their Vessel.”

Ellie Barker

ex-Chief Stewardess/Purser

“The Stewardess Bible is a great resource for all interior crew, with interesting and useful information both for industry long timers and those looking to enter the industry. I also highly recommend people check out Kylie’s new book for the great insights, tips and techniques from someone who has been there and done it and not just got the T-shirts but got the stains out of them too!

Alison Rentoul

The Crew Coach

What is The Stewardess Bible?

The Stewardess Bible is a powerful toolkit revealing every trade secret that will enable you to shine “in your own time” on board. Be the best at what you do and take your career to the next level. Wave goodbye to stressful days and fall back in love with your life out at sea.


Look Inside The Stewardess Bible

Want to know more?

Below  is a little “sneak peak” of what you will receive when you purchase your copy of The Stewardess Bible.

The Stewardess Bible Module One

Chapter One: Welcome Aboard

  •  What is a Super Yacht?
  • Who owns a Super/Mega Yacht?
  • The Super Yacht Organisational Structure

Chapter Two: The Interior Department

  • The Super Yacht Interior Hierarchical Structure
  • The Super Yacht Purser
  • The Super Yacht Chief Stewardess
  • The Super Yacht Stewardess

Chapter Three: Guest Service

  • Working In an International Environment
  • The History of Service
  • The Art of Excellent Service
  • Recovering from Service Failure

Chapter Four: The Importance of Communication

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Understanding Your International Guests
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Chapter Five: Time Management

  • What is Time Management?

Chapter Six: Know Your Equipment

  • Fine Crystal and Glassware
  • Vases and Decanters:
  • Dinnerware
  • Flatware & Hollowware
  • Table Linen

Chapter Seven: Setting the Table

  • General Instructions. How to set the perfect table for any occasion.
  • The Fine Dining Table
  • The Lunch Table
  • The Breakfast Table
  • The Buffet

Chapter Eight: Drinks Service

  • Wine Service
  • Coffee Service
  • Tea Service

Chapter Nine: Cigars

  • Cigars: Things you should Know When Buying Cigars

Chapter Ten: The Art of Good Table Service

  • General Rules of Service
  • The Order of Service
  • American Style Service
  • French Style Service
  • English Style Service
  • Russian Style Service

Appendix One: Inventories & Schedules

  • On Charter Schedule
  • Off Charter Schedule
  • Shopping List
  • Napkin Rings Inventory
  • Table Decoration Inventory
  • Table Cloths & Runners Inventory
  • Napkin Inventory
  • Flatware Inventory
  • Glass and Crystal Inventory
  • Mise en Place & Miscellaneous Inventory
  • Plates and China Inventory
  • Red Wine Inventory
  • White Wine Inventory
  • Dessert Wine Inventory
  • Champagne Inventory

Appendix Two: GlossaryAppendix Three: Bibliography About the Author

The Stewardess Bible Module Two

Table of Contents

Other Books Written by Kylie O’Brien.



  • Chapter One: The History of Cocktails.
  • Chapter Two: How to Set up A Bar.
  • Chapter Three:  Bar Techniques.
  • Chapter Four: Keeping Stock.
  • Chapter Five: Rum.
  • Chapter Six: Vodka.
  • Chapter Seven: Whiskey.
  • Chapter Eight: Gin.
  • Chapter Nine: Tequila.
  • Chapter Ten: Making Your Own Sugar Syrup.
  • Chapter Eleven:  Vodka Cocktails.
  • Chapter Twelve: Rum Cocktails.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Champagne Cocktails.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Fruit Cocktails.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Whiskey Cocktails.
  • Chapter Sixteen: Tequila Cocktails.
  • Chapter Seventeen: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.
  • Chapter Eighteen: Classic Cocktails.
  • Chapter Nineteen: Gin Cocktails.
  • Chapter Twenty: Cognac Cocktails.
  • Chapter Twenty One: Vermouth Cocktails.
  • Appendix One: Alcohol Substitutions.
  • Appendix Two: Glossary.
  • Appendix Three:  Measure and Conversion Guide.
  • Appendix Four: Cocktails in Alphabetical Order.
  • Appendix Five: Bibliography & Recommended Readings.
  • Appendix Six: Your Spirits Inventory.
  • About the Author.  
The Stewardess Bible Module Three



  • Housekeeping Procedures.
  • Guest relations.
  • Know your equipment.
  • Intoxicated guests.
  • Abusive guests.
  • Guest illness.
  • Drugs or weapons found on board.
  • Lost and Found.

Sea Sickness.

  • What is sea sickness?.
  • What causes sea sickness?.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Sea sickness.
  • “Yachtie” remedies for sea sickness.
  • How to ease the effects of motion sickness.

Time Management.

Guest Toiletries.

Basic Flower Arranging.

Laundry Instructions.

  • Easy Ironing Tips.
  • Removing Different Bodily Fluids from Clothes.
  • Removing blood stains.
  • Removing urine stains.
  • Removing sweat stains.
  • Removing vomit and faeces stains.

Wardrobe Management

  • How to Fold Sheets.
  • How to Fold Towels.

Managing Your Cleaning Stations.

  • How to Clean a Cabin.
  • How to Detail Clean a Cabin.
  • Cleaning the Public Areas.
  • The Importance of Recycling in Superyachts.
  • Clean and Green.
  • How to Clean Leather Furniture.
  • How to Clean Mould.
  • How to Care for Fine Art
  • How to Care for Wooden Surfaces.
  • How to Care for Teak.
  • How to Care for Lacquered Wood.
  • How to Care for Plastic (HPL) Surfaces.
  • How to Care for Glass and Mirrors.
  • How to Care for Metal Surfaces.
  • How to Care for Fabrics and Curtains.
  • How to Care for the Furniture.
  • How to Remove Stains Out of Carpet

Appendix One: Check Lists.

  • Luggage Tags.
  • Pre Guest Arrival Check List
  • Flower Arrangements Check List:
  • Laundry Care Instructions.

Appendix Two: Inventories.

  • Guest Toiletries.
  • Guest Bed Linen Inventory.
  • Guest Towel Inventory.

Appendix Three:  Daily Work List

Appendix Four: Conversion charts.

Appendix Five: Basic Sailing Terminology.

Reference List.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have

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Kylie is an Ex - Superyacht Chief Stewardess, and Hotel Manager from Sydney, Australia. Passionate about sharing information, you can find her typing up a storm in her small home office, or breathing in the cool wind off the North Sea, in Zeeland, Netherlands.
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