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The world’s best superyacht stewardess training series is back with the latest and last instalment of The Stewardess Bible.

The Chief Stewardess Bible is HERE!

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The Stewardess Bible

About The Stewardess Bible

What is the Stewardess Bible?

The Stewardess Bible print edition consists of three training manuals (comprised into one printed book), which has been written explicitly for the superyacht industry.

Module One: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service

Module Two: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Cocktail

Module Three: The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping perfection.
The purpose of this book is to help the superyacht stewardess manager daily tasks in a more natural, time-efficient, and stress-free manner.

The training manual has something for everyone, from a junior yacht stewardess through to the management level Chief Stewardess, offering step by step advice with detailed how-to lists which include theoretical information and practical examples.

The Benefits of the Stewardess Bible – Print Edition:

An E-Textbook, to have on hand even when the internet onboard drops out.
Standard operational procedures which are specific to the superyacht interior department.
A framework for smooth communications.
Easy to follow theoretical explanations.
Practical tips with real-life case studies.
Over 150 cocktail recipes
Detail explanation of liquor and great alternative substitutes.
Housekeeping knowledge that is specific to the superyacht
Easy to follow housekeeping procedures
Technical solutions to your housekeeping issues
Detailed checklists
Inventory templates

By having this resource on hand you will find:
Job security
Less stress, inner peace & confidence
Have more free time
Have more fun in your job


The Chief Stewardess Bible

About The Chief Stewardess Bible

What is the Chief Stewardess Bible?

‘The Chief Stewardess Bible’ gives superyacht stewardesses a comprehensive overview of managing housekeeping, crew management, and more…

The Chief Stewardess Bible’, is a  detailed blueprint to chief stewardess success. The book takes an administrative look at the superyacht and helps the chief stewardess see the yacht as an organization.

This module includes sections on human resources, operational procedures, and project management.

There are 9 chapters including ‘The Challenges of Working at Sea’, ‘Financial Management’, ‘Excelling in Guest Service’, and ‘Housekeeping Supervision, as well as 18 appendices including sample letters of recommendation, service, rejection, and resignation; sample crew profile; basic sewing supplies; a sewing kit; and much more.

The Superyacht chief stewardess will get a look at managing their crew, housekeeping, accounting, service instructions, guest requirements, and more within a single easy to access resource.

The Chief Stewardess Bible has a wealth of advice, strategies, resources, and more that can be used in your day to day job.

We are so thrilled to extend this amazing new resource to superyacht stewardesses around the world.

The Stewardess Bible has always been committed to making training a more seamless process by taking the guesswork out of everything.

With The Chief Stewardess Bible, you get more tools in your toolbox, and this makes you the best superyacht stewardess that you can be.


“Dear Kylie,

Thank you very much. I downloaded and read through volume 1 yesterday and enjoyed your practical and concise approach. Regards, LK.”


Chief Stewardess

” The Stewardess Bible is a great resource for all interior crew, with interesting and useful information both for industry long-timers and those looking to enter the industry. I also highly recommend people check out Kylie’s new book for the great insights, tips and techniques from someone who has been there and done it and not just got the T-  shirts but got the stains out of them too!”


Alison Retoul

Superyacht Professional

“Man After reading the content of the Stewardess Bible I’m ever so happy to write this recommendation. It is full of valuable information for steward/esses starting out in our industry. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for the existing crew who would be using the Bible as a reference document. The funny way that it has been written really does add to the experience of reading the bible. The real-life “case studies” are very recognizable for people like myself who spend a long time in the industry.”

Peter Vogel

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