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How to Travel Like a ‘Zen Monk’.

How to Travel Like a ‘Zen Monk’.
But I have a tried and tested way of beating the travel woes;
  • First thing , READ YOUR TICKET…. I know that may sound like an obvious thing to do but so many people that I’ve seen yelling  the customer service staff have missed their flights because they didn’t read their ticket properly.
  • After having read your ticket, know the difference between a direct flight and non direct flight, I say this only with the foresight of counting on any delays that may occur with the stop offs.
  • Make sure your passport and visas are all in order….. I have had a few discussions with customs officers regarding my passport as it look more like I was a drug runner than a professional seaman. OOOOOOOHH and I was even taken into that “little white room” in Fort Laurderdale” as the custom’s girl told me I had the wrong visa… Of course you can’t argue with a “box Ticker” so I had to use all of my might to keep my mouth shut… (yes I can be a mouthy Aussie) after a few hours of waiting and me POLITELY pointing out the differences with the  visas I was on my way.
  • If you do have a short transfer time and you haven’t been to the airport before have a look on line and know the difference from terminal 1 – 5, it may help you get to the gate those few precious minutes earlier.
Now for the cool part, you’ve navigated the airport obstacle course like a professional, and you’ve made it to your (previously paid for) allocated seat of your choice(aisle or window);
or if you the poor sucker that is stuck in the middle of the middle aisle then CLAIM YOUR SPACE as soon as you sit down;seriously! especially on long haul flights’ it took me years to figure  , you can only be nice  for so long about being sat next to a weird or some space invader that thinks half of your seat belongs to him.
Now I’m sure you’veheard people saying “pack everything and then you will be prepared, ”Well that is great advice if you were travelling on a boat, car or train and the hefty “excess luggage” $$$$ is kept to a minimum.
In fact you can pay up to $50 per kilo in excess baggage fees, so make sure you check with our airline before you start packing, you do not want to have to pay $100’s in excess or have to face the embarrassing “repack” at the check in counter.
  • http://www.ausbt.com.au/new-qantas-baggage-allowance-only-one-bag-checked-free-you-pay-for-the-rest
  •  Always roll your clothes, this saves on space and eliminates creases.
  • Prepare what you think you need on the bed, then half it, (those ‘glam’ 6 inch going out shoes, won’t be needed for your island getaway)
  • Use a pashmina as a light weight cardigan, it can always double as a light throw, or scarf.
  • Depending on your length of stay, always pack under wear for at least 1 week.
  • Rely on the basics, that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.
  • Always pack a swim suit.
  • Always pack a pair of good walking shoes
  • Always pack a light jacket
  • Always pack a change of underwear and a spare shirt, you never know when delays may occur, or if you want to take a shower during a transit period
  • Always put your toiletries in a small clear plastic bag
  • Liquids should always be under 100ml, per bottle or customs will take it off you
  • Make sure all of your duty-free is in a seal bag when you go through security
  • Pack a good book, and music
  • HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. internally and externally. Drink water and have a good moisturizer on hand. I also find eye drops are handy to have as the air pressure in the cabin can really dry you out.
  • Exercise or move as much as you can during the flight. taking short walks down the aisle and doing small ankle circulations and waist twists whilst seated can really make a difference to the discomfort of swelling feet and legs
  • Take a shower in the transit lounge when you stop for a refuel. This can ease muscle cramps, freshen you up and give you a mental boost washing away any anxiety associated with the plane travel.
  • Finally ! you‘ve arrived at your destination,, try to stay awake, go for a walk, take in some sights or book a meeting, these simple tips help you to get in the RIGHT  Zone (time zone that is).