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Cocktail Ingredient – Glossary

The Stewardess Bible has enjoyed putting this glossary together for your convenience. However, it is by no ways complete as there are so many cocktails and ingredients which can be added to this comprehensive list.

We hope that these few pointers will help you on your way to becoming the cocktail goddess/god that youth always dreamed of becoming.

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Amaretto: An Almond flavoured Italian Liqueur.

Angostura Bitters: Is a rum-based liqueur made from herbs and spices.

Anisette: Is a sweet liquorice liqueur.

Aperitif: Is a before-dinner drink that stimulates the appetite.

Applejack: A brandy distilled from hard fermented apples.

Aquavit: A Scandinavian liquor made from potatoes

Armagnac: A French Cognac

Bacardi: A light rum distilled from molasses or sugar cane

Bailey’s Irish Cream: A blend of whiskey, cream, sugar & cocoa.

Benedictine: A sweet cognac-based liqueur

Bitters: Is a spirit produced from herbs, roots and plants.

Blue Curaçao: A sweet blue liqueur made from the dried peel of bitter oranges.

Bourbon: An American whiskey made from corn, rye, wheat, malted barley or malted rye grain.

Brandy: A liquor distilled from fermented fruit juice.

Calvados: An apple brandy.

Campari: A bitter Italian aperitif.

Capuli: Similar to a European cherry.

Cassis: Blackberry Liqueur from France.

Celery Salt: A blend of celery seed & Salt.

Champagne: A sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France.

Cider: An apple flavoured sparkling drink made from fermented apples.

Cognac: A French brandy, distilled from white wine.

Cointreau: A clear brandy liqueur made from the peel of oranges.

Cream of Coconut: A sweet, thick liquid made from fresh coconut, sugar and stabilizers.

Crème’ de Cacao: A sweet coffee and vanilla flavoured liqueur.

Crème ’de Menthe: A sweet peppermint flavoured liqueur.

Curacao: An orange flavoured liqueur.

Eau de Vie: A French young Brandy.

Egg Nog: Cocktails that use raw egg.

Everclear: A 95% pure grain alcohol.

Heavy Cream: A type of cream which is high in butterfat.

High Ball: Is a tall glass used to serve long drinks in.

Fernet Branca: A bitter Italian Liquor made from macerating over 40 herbs.

Framboise: Raspberry champagne like drink.

Frappe’:  A drink served with blended Ice.

Galliano: A sweet Italian liqueur, made from anise, herbs & vanilla.

Gin:  A clear spirit made distilled from corn, barley & rye.

Ginger Ale: A carbonated soft drink.

Grand Mariner: An Orange flavoured liqueur made from blended cognac, orange peels & vanilla.

Grappa: Is a pomace wine. Made with leftover material, such as grape stems, seeds, & skin. It is very strong.

Grenadine: A strong red syrup made from pomegranates and red currants.

Guarana’: Is a tropical plant from Venezuela & Brazil.

Half & Half: A mixture of half cream & half milk.

Kahlua: A rich dark brown coffee liqueur.

Kirschwasser: A cherry flavoured liqueur distilled from cherries.

Kummel: A colourless liqueur made from caraway seed, fennel and cumin.

La Ina Sherry: A light fino sherry

Lager: A drink made by the slow fermentation of yeast at a low temperature.

Lillet: A type of wine from the Bordeaux region, France drunk as an aperitif.

Limoncello: Is a popular Italian lemon liqueur.

Mad Dog: Is a fortified wine.

Mandarine Napoleon: Is a Belgian orange flavoured liqueur.

Maraschino: Italian cherry liqueur.

Madeira: Is a Portuguese superior sherry.

Malibu: Is a popular coconut flavoured rum.

Maraschino Cherry:  Is a sugar syrup coated cherry.

Mari Mayans Absinthe: Is a strong absinthe

Midori: Is a Japanese melon liqueur.

Noilly Prat: Is a brand of vermouth from France.

Nutmeg: Is a strong traditional spice, from the Myristica tree.

Passoa: A red liqueur made from passion fruit juice and citrus.

Pastis: Is an anise-flavoured liqueur and aperitif from France.

Pepper: A spice from the pepper plant.

Pernod: A liquorice flavoured liqueur.

Pimento: Is a sweet, spicy herbal liqueur.

Port: Is a fortified wine, there are many flavours and ages available.

Prosecco: Is an Italian sparkling wine.

Punch: Assorted drinks, usually containing fruit juice.

Pusser’s Rum: Is a blend of rum made out of the world’s finest rums.

Quinquina: Is a French aperitif.

Raki Liqueur: Is a strong Turkish Liqueur made from anise and raisins.

Rum: Is a golden or dark distilled liquor made from sugar cane or molasses.

Rumple Minze: A strong peppermint- flavoured German schnapps.

Rye Whiskey: A whiskey distilled from fermented Rye.

Schnapps: Schnapps is a type of distilled spirit that is typically higher proof and less sweet than liqueurs and available in a variety of flavours.

Smash: Smash: Smashes are drinks of mint, sugar, and a base spirit. A classic smash is similar to a julep but simpler.

Tabasco: Spicy American sauce, made from vinegar-soaked red Spanish peppers and other herbs.

Toddy: A toddy is a hot-water-based cocktail, usually spiced. The word originally comes from the sap of an Indian palm tree, which was fermented into an alcoholic beverage.

VS: Indication of the age of Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. This quality, more mainstream than the VSOP or the XO is most commonly used in cocktails.

Williams: A type of pear, which is used in the wonderful tasting Poire Williams brandy.

Worcester sauce: A powerful emulsion of extracts of meat, molasses, anchovies, garlic and spring onions. Used to enhance the taste in many cocktails.

Xeres or sherry: From Spain originating wines, of which the fermentation is stopped by adding spirits. There are many kinds, from dry (fino, Amontillado, manzanilla) too sweet (oloroso, Amoroso).

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