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Making Life Easier for Every Superyacht Stewardess

The Stewardess Bible

Housekeeping Perfection – Module Three



This book has been written on the premise that the super yacht stewardess requires proficiency in areas of housekeeping, knowledge of fine materials and technical skills associated with the maintenance of a super yacht interior. The super yacht industry demands highly skilled professionals who are able and educated enough to handle such a task.

The book presents the types of expertise required to fulfil the duties of a housekeeping stewardess: housekeeping procedures, yacht operational procedures and technical operations.

Part one is geared towards the managerial aspect of the job, covering the mind-set of a housekeeper, how to stay focused on the job, housekeeping operational procedures and guest relations.

Part two deals with laundry operational procedures, including crew uniform management, equipment maintenance inventory techniques and difficult stain removal.

Part Three and four is dominated by the technical details; discussing in depth the array of materials found in a superyacht interior and how to maintain them.

The Appendix is a collection of tools, tips and tricks that will allow the stewardess to fulfil her duties with ease. Included in this section you will find checklists, sample inventories and work lists.

The Stewardess Bible