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Oíche Shamhna

Happy Halloween

From my ancestors to yours… Let’s celebrate.

Dear yachting community and a special hello to my superyacht stewardesses.

Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations of the year.

Yes, it’s a time to eat and drink too many forbidden treats, but its also a time to honour our ancestors.

A time when the veil is lifted between the worlds, and for a short moment, we can see who we are and where we came from.

So from my ancestors to yours, The Stewardess Bible is giving YOU the choice of treats.

Treat number 1: 

  • Buy one and get one FREEEEEE … This is incredible value for money. When you purchase the print edition of The Stewardess Bible, you will be sent the e-book absolutely FREE. This treat also includes the communications notebook and FREE standard shipping worldwide.
  • Please note that this is a manual process and the E-Books will be sent out as soon as possible to one email address only.

Treat number 2:

  • Enter the code Samhain30

    and receive a massive 30% discount off the Stewardess Bible E-Book. The EBook is available immediately after purchase. (please note that this fantastic deal is only for the complete E-Book and not for individual modules)

These discounts have never been offered before, and probably won’t be for a long time to come.

So take advantage of this offer today!

These treats are available until 1 November 2019.

I do hope that you enjoy this time of the year, take care of yourselves and please do remember your ancestors.

As always I wish you safe travels and calm seas.

The Stewardess Bible

“Making Life Easier for Every Super Yacht Stewardess”.

I know your time is precious, so I will give you a brief overview of what the book entails.

The book basically consists of 3 modules which have been combined to produce The Stewardess Bible.

The first module, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service, offers Standard operational procedures specific to the super yacht interior department.

This aims to help stewardesses manage their daily tasks with more organized, efficient, stress-free strategies.

The second module, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Cocktail, includes 21 chapters and five appendices covering every angle of the art of cocktails. From the history of cocktails to a comprehensive list of alcohol substitutions, the second instalment in The Stewardess Bible series gives stewardesses at all experience levels invaluable tips and tricks for creating perfect cocktails.

The last module, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection, discusses a number of costly misjudgments. This module helps stewardesses understand the true dynamics of their tasks.

The Stewardess Bible

Unlocking the full potential of your super yachting career.