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How to be the Perfect Party Hostess

The following article has been written for every domestic goddess who is planning a party.

Remember , if  you are a superyacht stewardess and  have a generous budget; then you are only limited by your imagination and resources.

Therefore, if you know of any excellent party suppliers, then please feel free to share your knowledge in the comment  section below.

 It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves a good party.

 If you’re the one who’s throwing the party, you want to make sure that it’s an event to remember.

Whilst having a party can be great fun, organising what’s going on can get stressful – so make sure that you have every aspect of the event under your control.

Follow this handy guide – covering everything from party themes to food ideas – so you can be the perfect party hostess. 

Party Themes

Picking a theme is a crucial starting point when throwing a party. You don’t want everything to look like it was thrown together without any real thought, so you should make sure you have a clear idea as to the overall theme of your event, ensuring that each aspect ties together nicely.

As children, it was easy to think of party ideas – princesses and fairies for girls, cowboys and pirates for boys – but when throwing an adult party, you have to come up with something innovative and memorable.

No pressure! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consult some of your friends/family who’ll be attending the party, to see what they think will work for your particular event, making sure that it matches the tastes of the majority.

If you have chosen a venue already, see what kind of themes will fit in the space provided – for example, a park setting would be a perfect fit for a sports theme.

  • Also, consider the current trends in popular culture and fashion – a ‘The Great Gatsby’ themed party would be topical with the recent release of the film last year, and allows your guests to get creative with 1920s fashion.
  • On the subject of the 1920s, parties with a theme from a certain decade provide a chance to rummage around in charity shops or wardrobes to assemble great costumes – consider the average age of your guests in order to pick a decade that suits.
  • Another easy theme is a masked ball event. You can pick up Venetian masks quite easy and its a great way to add a little glamour to your event.
  • For more party theme ideas, please follow The Stewardess Bible on pinterest.com

Party Decorations 

The way you decide to decorate is of course very much dependent on your chosen theme. However, there are certain tips that are universal to decorating for a party.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations, there are ample opportunities to grab a bargain if you invest the time. Ebay is a great source of party decorations at low prices, as you’ll often find sellers who’ve bought items for an event and never used them again.

For standard items such as balloons and serviettes, try your local bargain store – you’ll be surprised what you can get for your money.

Charity shops are also a great way of finding niche artefacts for your chosen theme.

There are also plenty of tutorials on the internet teaching you to make things like bunting or tablecloths, if you want to spend the time crafting the decorations yourself. However, don’t overdo it – sometimes less is more, and you don’t want your guests to feel like they’ve walked into a balloon factory! 

Party supplies

Party Food Ideas

Catering for any event can be stressful – especially if you’ve put yourself under pressure to be hailed the new Gordon Ramsay.

Ease the pressure by sticking to recipes that you’re familiar with – it may be tempting to try that new youtube tutorial, but you don’t need that added stress when you have other things to be planning.

  • Don’t try and do it all yourself, either – enlist the help of a few family and friends who’ll be able to chop/peel/mix under your instruction.
  • Also, make sure to check if any of your guests have special dietary requirements you need to cater for – you don’t want the vegetarian in your group to be faced with nothing but steak!

Once you’ve decided whether you want a full sit-down meal or a buffet, you can start to plan. If you’re going with a sit-down meal, consider making something low-maintenance, like a casserole or stew.

That way, it doesn’t matter if anyone is late or if things run over, you can keep it warm.

For buffet-style food, there’s plenty that you can make with minimum effort – favourites like potato salad and pasta salad always go down well.

If you’re not keen on trying your hand at some more complicated dishes, like samosas or falafel, then there are many catering options that can provide you with the food fuss-free. 

Party Favours 

Party favours are small presents given to guests who’ve attended an event, as a memento and sign of thanks.

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ll undoubtedly have seen some incredible creations – but don’t think that this is the standard you have to aspire to.

Your guests will likely be happy with a small token, and if you’ve made it yourself then it’s even better. If you opt to buy your party favours, then key rings, tins of mints and candles always go down well.

If you want to try your hand at something creative, then sweet treats like chocolate or cookies are a great option – just make sure you leave them somewhere cool before handing them out. 

Adult Party Games

Entertaining children is easy – from pass the parcel to musical chairs, there are a range of party games to keep kids entertained.

Finding something appropriate for adults is a little more difficult, but there are still tons of ways to entertain your guests and have them engaging in fun activities.

  • Charades is a classic option and requires no preparation – something that all your guests, no matter what their age or interests, can get involved in.
  • A further great option is the ‘Who Am I?’ game, where each member of the party writes the name of a famous person on a piece of paper, and then sticks it on another person’s head. Taking it in turns, each person must ask questions – with yes/no answers only – to figure out which famous person they are. Consequences is also a lot of fun – each person has a piece of paper and must draw on ahead, then fold it overpass it around the circle, and proceed to draw the rest of the body parts in turn, until the end. You’ll definitely end up with some weird and wonderful creations!


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