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How to Clean Glass and Mirrors Whilst Maintaining Your Sanity.

Oh the thought of cleaning meters upon meters of glass and mirrors (especially the bridge windows) send tingles down my spine. It is definitely a job that you would like to hire out until the true horror of your situation hits you! You are the hired help!

With that sobering thought in mind it is not all doom and gloom, with these helpful tips your mirrors and glass should be streak free and sparkling just like the rest of your interior.

Vinegar is every super yacht stewardess’s friend

  • Vinegar has been used for centuries as a good ‘all-round’ cleaning product.
  • It is an organic product so it is safe around children.
  • It is non toxic so even though it may be a little smelly it is safe to breath.
  • It is friendlier to mother earth.
  • It is gentle on your hands.
  • Finally it gives STREAK free results (Hurray).

Use Distilled Water:

If you are in port and are using the dock water don’t be surprised if it is a little hard…

Here is my little tip, you  don’t have to rely on “dodgy” dock water  use distilled water.

  • As a general rule I always mix1 part vinegar to 3 parts distilled water
  • The less vinegar you use the less it smells.
  • Obviously when you have dirtier areas to clean like the bathroom mirrors you can increase the amount of vinegar into the mix.

The cloth!The best glass cleaning cloth

Many people suggest to use newspaper to clean mirrors and whist this is an OK idea at home, I find newspaper to be messy (especially with the black ink) and do not want it anywhere near the fine furnishing of a super yacht. Instead I recommend a microfiber cloth specifically for glass. These cloths are soft and lint free, quiet often you can use a damp microfiber cloth (without any vinegar) to buff up the glass.


The Bridge windows!

I am specifically mentioning the bridge windows because it is so important to get these windows streak free for safety reasons! You will need to time the cleaning of the windows well (do not leave it until the last minute).

  • Vacuum the console and the windows first, (the electronics on the bridge seems to attract dust).
  • Work with the deck department to remove the covers.
  • Do not clean the windows in direct sunlight as this will make them streak
  • If the glass is too hot then you will also see streaky glass.
  • Use cool water with a little vinegar and a microfiber cloth for best results.

Other tips:

  • If the glass is particularly dirty then washed it first with a gentle soap like (fairy liquid) this will get rid of any soap, hairspray or toothpaste residue. Dry it completely and buff with the microfiber cloth. You will not need to use any vinegar if you first clean it with soap, all you will need is a good microfiber cloth and a little “elbow grease 🙂
  • Do not spray the vinegar directly onto the glass, spray it on your cloth first and then apply it to the mirror. By doing it this way you will avoid getting the vinegar on the marble or carpet.
  • Do not use oil, steel wool, or any other abrasive sponge to remove any difficult marks on the glass. This will obviously damage the surface.
  • Do not wash your class cleaning cloth with galley towels.
  • Do not add fabric softener to the wash either. You do not want to be cleaning the oil residue from the cloth.

Thank you for reading my article on How to Clean Glass and Mirrors Whilst Maintaining Your Sanity.. By following these easy tips you will have clean mirrors and still maintain your sanity.