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How to Detail-Clean a Cabin

Detailing, or detail clean, is to clean the fine points, specifics, technicalities and subject. It means basically to clean thoroughly.

This is not done every day, however, it is done, weekly, monthly and seasonally, depending on the workload of the yacht, the specific travel plans and the maintenance schedule.

How to Detail-Clean a Cabin | Details in a superyacht cabin to consider:

Walls and Ceiling:

  • Always work from the top down, so first pay close attention to the deck heads. These can be made out of any material, however, Alcantara and Novasuede are popular choices onboard modern yachts.
  • Brush the material with a soft nylon lint brush or a magic brush, this will remove any dust particles and will keep the material looking new.
  • If it is HPL or lacquered wood, then all that is needed is wiped over with a soft damp cloth.
  • Moving down the walls, again detail clean in accordance with the material used. Pay attention to tiny cracks between the bed head and the outer wall (this point includes similar places), as dust may accumulate there.


  • All of the doors should be wiped down, paying attention to the top of the doors for dust.
  • Polish the door hinges and door handle.
  • In the public areas, you will need to polish metal on the aft sliding doors.
  • On these large doors, makes sure that there are no streak marks or watermarks from outside. The deck crew are quite good at this, however, it may need a stewardess’s eye to make sure it is spot-free.


  • Check that the lights are working and replace any light bulbs accordingly. (The Chief Stewardess will do another walk around checking these details before the guests arrive).
  • The light fittings should be finger-mark free, a simple wipe over with vinegar and water or a generic window cleaner should suffice.
  • Make sure all of the lampshades have been vac dusted using the furniture brush of the vacuum cleaner or a magic brush.


  • Open the TV cabinet or get behind the unit to dust and clean the television screen.
  • Use alcohol on the telephone and remote controls using a cotton tip to get between the buttons.
  • Turn on all units to make sure that they are working properly.
  • On a touch screen pad gently use a microfibre cloth (do not press too hard).
  • If it is really dirty, then dampen the microfibre cloth with a little distilled water, (do not wet the screen).
  • Check all of the batteries.
  • Turn on the air conditioning unit and change the temperature to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Glass and metal:

  • Clean the portholes with vinegar and water or glass cleaner.
  • Polish the chrome/brass around the porthole.
  • Polish all metal fittings with corresponding polish.

Furniture, curtains and blinds:

  • Pull down the blinds and close the curtains.
  • Vacuum and dust accordingly.

Stationery and books:

Make sure that the guest compendium is up to date with:

  1. A welcome letter
  2. Crew profiles
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Cruising plan
  5. Emergency plan
  6.  Yacht letterhead paper
  7. A note pad
  8. Pen
  9. Yacht envelope

All of the books are to be dust free and in order of category and height, or just height depending on the size of the library.

Details in the bathroom to consider:

  • Again starting at the top, make sure that the ceiling is clean.
  • Clean the exhaust fan with cotton buds to make sure that it is perfectly clean.
  • Turn on the exhaust fan to make sure that it is working.
  • Moving down the walls, make sure that everything is spot and streak-free.
  • Use a bathroom scrubbing pad (not the green ones used in the pantry and galley) to clean under the toilet rim. (Throw it away after use).
  • Make sure all of the chrome is shiny.
  • Lift the plugs and detail clean inside the pipe, make sure all to remove all hair and soap scum.
  • Life the shower tray and clean underneath, removing all hair and soap scum.

Bar area and gym:

  • Make sure all of the bottles have been wiped down.
  • All condiments cleaned and restocked.
  • The refrigerators and ice makers turn off, defrosted and detailed clean.
  • Disinfect all of the gym equipment using vinegar and water.
  • Make sure all of the audiovisual equipment is working, as well as the air conditioner.

How to Detail-Clean a Cabin |

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