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Superyacht Stewardess

An old superyacht needs some refurbishment. You can either decide to refit or rebuild. A lot is needed during this time. Resources have to be utilized effectively. This means that time and money are managed efficiently.

At the end of the project, the superyacht will look great. Also, all the financial resources can be accounted for. As a chief stewardess, you will control everything. This will include your staff for smooth administration.

Read on, to know all about project management in a yacht.

Project Management Skills

As an interior manager, you should possess some skills. They will help you in managing the superyacht refit. Have a look at the basic techniques for running a project.


It is the most crucial must-have skills. You will be responsible for conveying messages. Hence, you should communicate clearly. This will include goals, objectives, issues, and vision. You will also talk about project deliverables. This is what is expected from the project. On that account, you should be confident and audible.

Team management

A good PM should be a team manager. A successful project needs you to be a great team player. Therefore, the chief stewardess has to coordinate tasks. In other cases, delegating tasks will be a better option. When there are conflicts, the interior manager will solve them. All these are done to have a functioning team. You will also have to evaluate performance. It will be assessing the team against the goals you set.

Negotiation   Well

Negotiation is another vital skill. The chief stewardess has to negotiate on a number of occasions. This revolves around financial and human resources. Also, he or she has to factor in time. This goes hand in hand with communication. If you are a manager, you shouldn’t disagree a lot. It will waste time and money. Hence, your negotiation skills will keep you abreast. The project can start earlier at the required time.         Leadership   The interior manager is already a leader. He or she has to prove their leadership skills. If you have the methods, you will have a viable project. Good leadership entails soft and technical skills. Can you influence your team? If you can, then you are a leader. You should be able to listen to the team’s views. Additionally, you can delegate simple tasks. Have trust in your juniors that they can deliver.

Risk management

There are potential risks in any project. Thus, the chief stewardess should be prepared. Then, he or she can mitigate the looming risks. For example, if the weather is not ideal the project can be re-scheduled. The interior manager can deal with the risks they envisage. If you can foresee some risks, you should provide timely solutions. This will keep the project on progress.          Organization   As a project manager, the organization begins from you. How well organized are you? You can then manage other people if all is well. You should get your things in order. This can also translate into personal stuff. It can be physical and emotional. This way, you can address people with a clear mind. You can achieve this if you plan your time. Also, complete all your tasks in good time. In short, have self-discipline. It will be reflected in the project that you manage.

Calmness under pressure

Superyacht refit or rebuild can be stressful. The interior manager has to remain calm. If you show that you are stressed out, your subordinates will panic. Work will not go as planned. In fact, the project will drag and lag behind. Every endeavour has its own challenges. For this reason, you should expect obstacles. The question is, how will you handle them? You can overcome this with strategy. Brainstorm with your crew and find a way forward.

The Difference Between a Refit and a New Build Project

A superyacht refit involves repairing or refurbishing it. In contrast, a new build project is starting from scratch. This means that you discard the boat and build a new one. To top it up, the refit project is economical. On the other hand, the new build is expensive. This is because you have to acquire new materials.   Similarly, the refit takes a short time to complete. The project span can be about 6 to 12 months. This depends on the size of your yacht. As for the new build project, it can take between 2 to 3 years. A refit cares more for the environment. The new build yacht means that the materials have to be dumped.   With a refit, you can continue using the vessel. The renovation will not affect the superyacht. This means business as usual. But, for the brand project, you stop using it. You have to wait for some years to resume business.

How to Protect the Interior During a Refit Project?

The superyacht interior harbours many items. Most of them are valuable and important. Therefore, it is vital to keep them safe. To begin with, you should have proper records. This means that you know where all the items are located. Are they safe? Do you need to move them? This will give you a clue on how best to store them. For example, the artwork is of high-worth. As a chief stewardess, you should keep an inventory.   Furniture, cutlery and other appliances need protection. You will be responsible for secure keeping. Onboard, there are personal belongings. Additionally, all kinds of decorations have to be stored well. Plants and other plants need to be healthy and strong too. You will need carton boxes for some materials. They have to be huge and thick. Hence, they will not get any scratches.   The next step is to identify a storage place. How big is it? Is it suitable for all the delicate items? If the place looks okay, then get a team to move all the stuff. They should be careful not to damage anything. You can supervise the process for great results. Owing to that, you can prove that all items are in place.   Finally, you should cover all the items. There are many quality covers in the market. It will protect the products from dust. You could also get water-resistant covers. Wrapping them up also keeps the insects away. Storage units do not protect against natural forces. You should ensure that they are well-covered. This will guarantee you that all the goods will be durable. Otherwise, you will be forced to buy new goods.

How to manage crew

During this time, the crew can be idle. They should be occupied to minimize chaos. You can divide them to get a better experience. They can have rotational activities. Have a look at what you can plan for the crew.          Crew holidays   To keep them busy, you can organize crew holidays. They will spend time away relaxing. They work hard and it is prudent to reward them. Also, they will catch up with family and friends. As a chief stewardess, you can have some of them on a trip. This will show how much you appreciate them. The vacation will give the members time to re-energize.          Training  This is another awesome idea. Learning is lifelong so, it would be nice to instil skills. This will keep their minds at work. Additionally, they can learn a lot. Training should be fun and engaging. Don’t bore them with the theory. Allow them to learn by practice. They can get into discussion groups for exciting classes.          Storing items   Another group can help you on the yacht. They can move and keep the goods. They should cover all the brittle items. Again, the sensitive and sharp edges ought to be covered. The crew can give you all the assistance. This will ensure a smooth workflow.            Alternative accommodation   You can inquire about the closest hotels. This way, some members can live there. They can be able to get entertainment. Food will also be in plenty. They can relax and have fun too. When you need them, you can reach out.

How to create a detailed interior inventory?

An inventory is necessary to monitor all the items. First, you have to assess what is onboard. Then, you can group them according to value. You could also try the delicate and hard things. You will have to list all of them. For this reason, you can account for all the goods on the yacht. Record all the items that need to be removed. Also, what are the quantities? If they have sizes, make sure to write them down. As the crew moves them, also check on them.          How to prioritize amongst the Chaos   As a manager, you have to be composed amidst the chaos. This will give you an upper-hand. No one will notice any pressure. Thus, you will be in control. If there’s an issue, you can strategize. You can make the necessary changes at any time. If the resources are not enough, make plans to acquire them. If the staff is not performing well, remind them of their duties. This will make the project to remain on-course. Handle the vital things first-hand. Don’t let issues to pile up. They can overwhelm you.


Accordingly, the work of a chief stewardess is unending. During a project, they have to have it all. By this, it requires the necessary skills and knowledge. Dealing with people can be quite a challenge. But with soft skills, you can influence the crew members. During a refit or rebuild you should maintain proper records. Ensure that everything is in order. You should keep all the staff engaged. That being the case, all the resources will be systematic.


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