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Provisioning For The Rich & Famous

The super yacht crew, face professional challenges daily, due to the geographical nature of the business. This could not be more true for the chef and chief stewardess.

You may be in the beautiful French Riviera with an abundance of quality produce one minute and then cruising by a remote island the next, therefore it would be an understatement to say the planning is a vital part of your role on board.

Whatever international cuisine is chosen by yacht owners or guests, Super yacht provisioning companies can supply the ingredients.

This allows you to focus your time and energies on producing excellent food and service for your guests.

For the chef:
A super yacht provisioning company will provide chef with the best quality of fresh foods and produce such as:
• Meat
• Game
• Fish
• Seafood and caviar
• Fruits and vegetables
• Cheese and dairy produce
• Bread and baking products
• International food and ingredients, groceries and other ingredients can also be supplied.
• The finest oils and vinegars are available.
• Frozen food, quality breads, pastries and organic foods can be ordered.
• Specific produce such as Halal and Kosher foods can be supplied.
• Professional chefs’ produce and food preparation equipment can be provided. Other equipment such as cutlery and crockery can be supplied.
For the chief stewardess:
The provisioning company will also deliver a range of luxury items such as:
• Vintage wines, liquors and spirits
• Bar supplies
• Chocolates
• Flowers
• Fine cigars
• International magazines
• Housekeeping is also taken care of, with cleaning supplies being offered.
The company can also cater for special requests from the customer, which can include cut flowers, flower arrangements and plants.

General shopping can be done for the customer. A wide array of waters, wines, spirits and soft drinks can be provided when you place an order for beverages.

Rare and vintage wine can be sourced. When you order large quantities, the company works together with the wholesalers in order to provide yacht supplies and quality produce at a competitive price.

The company can even export the supplies from one country to another, straight to the yacht.

Super yacht provisioning companies may not stock food and beverages, but will provision the produce according to the order. This guarantees the freshest produce and the exact item is delivered to you. When your order is being processed, the goods will be kept refrigerated or frozen.

Different fridges will be used because different produce require different temperatures to keep them fresh. The goods will then be delivered in refrigerated vans. Fruits and vegetables are sourced locally or they can be imported.

By sourcing the produce locally, the company ensures that it doesn’t remain on store shelves or hot market stalls.

Highly skilled butchers are tasked with the job of supplying meat. Their expertise ensures that the customer can get the choicest cuts.

A superb selection of popular meats is available, including Black Angus, Scottish and Irish beef, Simmental and Wagyu. Fish and seafood is delivered fresh, and there is a wide array of fish, lobsters and shellfish that is available.

Top quality sushi grade Tuna, Brittany blue lobster and handpicked crabmeat is available. The fish will be prepared and packed according to specifications. Fish can be packed in ice or vacuum sealed, ensuring that it arrives in the yacht when it is still fresh.

For the groceries, experienced shoppers will know where they can find every item on your shopping list. The company can provide a wide selection of natural and organic products, fresh produce and even delicious prepared foods.

If the Super yacht provisioning companies can’t source something, they contact the customer and provide an alternative. Apart from regular produce, the company can offer Asian, British, Italian or Russian produce.

Professional chefs’ produce can be provided, which can include a specific baking product or molecular cuisine ingredient. Whatever you order, you can be sure that you are going to be provided with nature’s best.

Super yacht provisioning companies don’t normally provide you with a price list mainly because prices may vary and the manner in which items are purchased can determine the price. However, you can be sure that the prices are competitive.

If you want to get better prices, you will need to give the company enough time to find outstanding deals and offers for you. You can also provide a budget and the company will supply your order based on your budget. To place your order, you can call the company or send them an email.

You can also visit the company’s physical address to place your order. A detailed quotation is available upon request and you will save money and time when you order the service.

Provisioning for the rich & famous