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Simple table settings are just that simple.

They are elegant, simple and beautiful, and as an added bonus will save you loads of time and energy…

So next time you are setting the table just take the ‘less is more’ approach, and you may just surprise yourself about how beautiful your table looks.

Ok, It’s official… I am now addicted to Pinterest!  I just love flicking through the visually beautiful boards that many ordinary people like you and I have created.

It just proves that creativity lies within all of us, and simplicity is my personal favourite style!

Below is a collection of simple table settings but first we need to discuss what you will need.


  •  Steam cutlery over a bowl of boiling water with a drop of white vinegar to remove any water or residual soap marks.
  •  Buff dry with a glass cloth or very clean cotton tea towel.
  • Wear butler’s gloves to eliminate any fingerprints whilst setting the table.
  • If you don’t have any, you can buy them from Amazon. I have provided the link below:



  •  Normal a basic table setting has a minimum of a water-glass and one wine glass.
  • Steam clean the relevant glasses using the above method. And place in the correct spot on the table. 


  • Prepare the plates in accordance with the chef’s requirements and clean in the above method.

Table covers:

  • Placemats: Cleaned and freshly ironed
  • Table cloth: Cleaned and freshly ironed
  • Napkins: Cleaned and freshly ironed and starched if needed.


  • See ideas below.

For detailed information on how to set a table or how to be creative when setting a table you can visit the following links:

  • How to set the PERFECT Table

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