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Making Life Easier for Every Superyacht Stewardess
Coffee Service

Coffee Service

A good cup of coffee is like warm liquid gold, and as a superyacht stewardess, learning how to make a great cup of coffee is like one of the many things in life that “you just have to know”.

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How to be the Perfect Party Hostess

How to be the Perfect Party Hostess

How to be the Perfect Party Hostess. The following article has been written for every domestic goddess who is planning a party.
Remember , if you are a super yacht stewardess and have a generous budget; then you are only limited by your imagination and resources.

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The Stewardess Bible

Achieving Excellence in Service

– Module One


For less than the price of a night out in Porto Cervo or St Tropez, this book is an
invaluable ‘go to resource’, for any super yacht stewardess needing help with a “service oriented” or operational challenge on board the yacht.

The purpose of this book is to help the super yacht stewardess manage daily tasks in
an easier, more time efficient and stress free manner.

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service, is a collaboration of
over 22 years of top end hospitality experience from a range of perspectives:

  • As a trainee hotel manager
  • A super yacht stewardess
  • A chief stewardess and a purser.

In the beginning I thought the yachting industry was a never ending party; sure we
worked hard and endured long hours, but it was almost impossible to get past the all-expenses-paid lifestyle with a tax free salary.

The crew on a yacht work in some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations that
this magnificent planet of ours has to offer, and I finally found professional happiness with a bunch of social misfits and adventure seekers. I was having so much fun, that I decided to make a career out of yachting and moved from sailing
yachts to mega sized motor yachts.

My decision to write The Stewardess Bible was easy to make, after I realised that
there was no real supportive theoretical information that was specific to the super
yacht interior department.

The book has taken quite a while to write; between maintaining The Stewardess
Bible website, family life and writer’s frustrations, it was quite an adventure.

I found the writing process to be a very therapeutic and rewarding exercise.
Upon reflection and through this writing endeavour, I have learned many things
about myself, including patience and humility.

The text has something for everyone, from a junior yacht stewardess through to the
management level Chief Stewardess, offering step by step advice with detailed ‘how
to’ lists which includes theoretical information and practical examples.

Finally, whilst The Stewardess Bible is a great theoretical resource, it is not a
substitute for hands on training or relevant courses, (so please do your diligent
research when sourcing a school).

If you have any questions about The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving
Excellence in Service, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

The Stewardess Bible