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Superyacht Stewardess

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Wine Basics for The Superyacht Stewardess

This is one of those subjects that is very involved and requires a lot of training to master. In fact, it takes years to become a master sommelier.
As a superyacht stewardess, you do not need to go to such lengths, however, you are required to have a good foundation on this topic.
Wine Basics – For The Superyacht Stewardess. The following article just scratches the surface of this vast subject. Please comment below if you would like to see more content like this.

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Superyacht Crew Hierarchy

Superyacht Crew Hierarchy. Have you ever wonder about the organisation structure of a superyacht? The above article gives a broad generalisation of the hierarchical structure. The organisational structure on board a superyacht can best be described as being top-down and strongly hierarchical.

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Why a Superyacht Stewardess Should Not Flush Tampons Down the Toilet

Why a superyacht stewardess should not flush tampons down the toilet
The menstruation cycle of a woman is a normal monthly occurrence. However, it is not a topic that is readily discussed amongst men, especially not seafaring men. Nonetheless, in the Superyacht industry, it is the engineers (typically men) who have to sort out the problem when women dispose of their feminine hygiene products in correctly.

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Coffee Service

A good cup of coffee is like warm liquid gold, and as a superyacht stewardess, learning how to make a great cup of coffee is like one of the many things in life that “you just have to know”.

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Cocktail Substitute Ingredients

As a super yacht stewardess, occasionally you will encounter a situation in which you do not have a particular spirit or you run out of the necessary ingredients that are required for a cocktail.

Here are some guidelines for acceptable substitution of ingredients:

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Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess. When dealing with billionaires, many of whom are staking their reputations on the smooth operation of their superyacht while their guests are on board, the word “no” is not in your vocabulary.Demanding guests and difficult crew are just a few elements that a Superyacht stewardess must learn to take in her stride.

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