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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution. More than any other business, the Superyacht industry markets itself to the individualized needs of their clients. It is one of the few industries that are attuned to adequate customer experience.

The Social Systems On Board a Superyacht

The Social Systems On Board a Superyacht. A superyacht is a unique environment whereby the crew live, work and play together for months on end. The services that the crew provide range from safety and vessel operations to luxury hospitality services.

Why a Superyacht Stewardess Should Not Flush Tampons Down the Toilet

Why a superyacht stewardess should not flush tampons down the toilet
The menstruation cycle of a woman is a normal monthly occurrence. However, it is not a topic that is readily discussed amongst men, especially not seafaring men. Nonetheless, in the Superyacht industry, it is the engineers (typically men) who have to sort out the problem when women dispose of their feminine hygiene products in correctly.

BVLGARI: Eau Parfumeé au the’ bleu

BVLGARI: Eau Parfumeé au the’ bleu – Product Review by The Stewardess Bible. This product is pure luxury. It is the “thoroughbred horse” of the cosmetics world, with a mature and elegant appearance. It would absolutely look at home on board a Superyacht.

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