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Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar is like the super cleaning product of the yachting world, and it can be used for all kinds of things. In this article, we will explore some do’s and don’ts of cleaning with vinegar.

Ex-Superyacht Stewardesses Take A Holistic Approach to Hospitality

In a time when it is no longer possible to ignore the needs of our planet, The Stewardess Bible takes this opportunity to speak with Holistic Hospitality. These ex-Superyacht stewardesses make it their business to deliver luxury products to the client without the expense to the environment.

Why a Superyacht Stewardess Should Not Flush Tampons Down the Toilet

Why a superyacht stewardess should not flush tampons down the toilet
The menstruation cycle of a woman is a normal monthly occurrence. However, it is not a topic that is readily discussed amongst men, especially not seafaring men. Nonetheless, in the Superyacht industry, it is the engineers (typically men) who have to sort out the problem when women dispose of their feminine hygiene products in correctly.

Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess. When dealing with billionaires, many of whom are staking their reputations on the smooth operation of their superyacht while their guests are on board, the word “no” is not in your vocabulary.Demanding guests and difficult crew are just a few elements that a Superyacht stewardess must learn to take in her stride.

Small Space – Storage Solutions

As a super yacht stewardess you are required to be very creative with your small space storage solutions. The storage area needs to be clean, dry and easily accessible…. Which, let’s face it, is quite often NOT the case…..

Wine Basics – For The Superyacht Stewardess

This is one of those subjects that is very involved and requires a lot of training to master. In fact, it takes years to become a master sommelier.
As a super yacht stewardess you do not need to go to such lengths, however you are required to have a good foundation on this topic.
Wine Basics – For The Superyacht Stewardess. The following article just scratches the surface of this vast subject. Please comment below if you would like to see more content like this.

How to Care for Lacquered Wood

How to Care for Lacquered Wood.
A lacquered wood surface is a surface that has been painted with a resin type substance which leaves the furniture with a hard, highly polished and lustrous surface.

Laundry Instructions

As a Superyacht stewardess, there is just no way of getting around NOT doing the laundry! This is probably not the most glamorous subject to talk about, but it’s a subject that has caused me a lot of grief over the years.

How to Care for Fine Art

How to Care for Fine Art. Superyacht stewardess requires proficiency in areas of housekeeping, knowledge of fine materials and technical skills associated with the maintenance of a super yacht interior.

Easy Ironing Tips.

Easy Ironing Tips.
In general most people don’t learn to iron properly until they leave home and it is one of those household chores that you either love or hate; furthermore it is a never-ending daily chore that a stewardess must face.
Below are 10 tried and tested ways on how to save time ironing:

Sea Sickness

Sea Sickness. For most people sea sickness is just a matter of putting up with a little discomfort and can be quite annoying, yet for others it can have crippling effects.. Essentially sea sickness is a form of motion sickness. There is no difference between being air sick, car sick and sea sick, it is all technically motion sickness.

How to Create a Superyacht Interior Inventory

How to Create and Superyacht Interior Inventory. Just like if you were to benefit from keeping an accurate inventory of all your possessions at home, in case of the worst, as in a devastating natural disaster that has swept through your life without warning, it would presumably be the same as knowing how to create an inventory list for the Super Yacht.

The History of Domestic Service.

The History of Domestic Service. We’ve talked about the fun aspects of working on a Superyacht, so lets just for a minute look at what the work actually is. As a Superyacht stewardesses your job description is basically domestic help. Yes I know many people do not like the idea of being called domestic help especially those who have good educations; however , cleaning, serving, and taking care of someone’s personal effects is in essence domestic work.

Spirits Glossary.

Spirits Glossary.A glossary is simply an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations. As a super yacht stewardess you will be required to know a great deal of jargon related to spirits, liqueurs, wines and beers.

Margarita Madness

Oh the humble MARGARITA, how I love thee!!! You are the perfect blend of sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Mexico can lay claim to this famous cocktail that was invented around 1943.

After reading the content of the Stewardess Bible I’m ever so happy to write this recommendation.

It is full of valuable information for steward/esses starting out in our industry. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for existing crew who would be using the Bible as a reference document.

The funny way that it has been written really does aid to the experience of reading the bible. The real life “case studies” are very recognizable for people like myself who spend a long time in the industry.

Peter Vogel

Managing Director, Interior Yacht Services (IYS)

Kylie O'Brien
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Kylie is an Ex - Superyacht Chief Stewardess, and Hotel Manager from Sydney, Australia. Passionate about sharing information, you can find her typing up a storm in her small home office, or breathing in the cool wind off the North Sea, in Zeeland, Netherlands.
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