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Happy customers.


Chief Stewardess

Dear Kylie,

Thank you very much. I downloaded and read through volume 1 yesterday and enjoyed your practical and concise approach. Regards,


Alison RentoulAlison Rentoul – Aquamarine Home

“The Stewardess Bible is a great resource for all interior crew, with interesting and useful information both for industry long-timers and those looking to enter the industry. I also highly recommend people check out Kylie’s new book for the great insights, tips and techniques from someone who has been there and done it and not just got the T-  shirts but got the stains out of them too!”




Peter Vogel


Man After reading the content of the Stewardess Bible I’m ever so happy to write this recommendation. It is full of valuable information for steward/esses starting out in our industry. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for the existing crew who would be using the Bible as a reference document. The funny way that it has been written really does add to the experience of reading the bible. The real life “case studies” are very recognizable for people like myself who spend a long time in the industry.



What people are saying

Industry professionals and superyacht crew are telling us what they thought of The Stewardess Bible.

 Katija Kipre

Katija Kipre

Chief Stewardess

“The Stewardess Bible is a wonderful, very helpful book which every stewardess should have in her cabin stuck somewhere along with family and friends photos. I would say: Any stewardess’s rescue book.

Well done Kylie wish there were more ladies around like you!!!”

Ellie Barker

Ellie Barker

ex-Chief Stewardess/Purser

“Wow. What a fantastic resource for aspiring Yacht Steward/esses. If only I had this book when starting out in the industry! I would recommend the “Stewardess Bible” for every Yacht wanting a superb Guest experience onboard their Vessel.”

Alexandra Jones

Alexandra Jones

Chief Stewardess

“This is the guide I’ve been looking for my entire 8-year career as a stewardess!

A brilliant resource for ALL yachts, helping you provide outstanding service with confidence and style.”


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