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How to Create a Superyacht Interior Inventory

How to Create a Superyacht Interior Inventory

How to Create and Superyacht Interior Inventory. Just like if you were to benefit from keeping an accurate inventory of all your possessions at home, in case of the worst, as in a devastating natural disaster that has swept through your life without warning, it would presumably be the same as knowing how to create an inventory list for the Super Yacht.

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The History of Domestic Service.

The History of Domestic Service.

The History of Domestic Service. We’ve talked about the fun aspects of working on a Superyacht, so lets just for a minute look at what the work actually is. As a Superyacht stewardesses your job description is basically domestic help. Yes I know many people do not like the idea of being called domestic help especially those who have good educations; however , cleaning, serving, and taking care of someone’s personal effects is in essence domestic work.

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The Stewardess Bible

Cocktails- Module Two


Do you work on a super yacht, run your own boutique hotel or are you just planning a cocktail

“Cocktails” is the only reference book you will ever need when setting up your bar. This book
contains over 150 cocktail recipes with many colour photographs.

In addition to this it is a comprehensive guide for everything from the classic cocktail, such as Singapore Sling, to more unusual drinks such as Trixie Dixie.

”Cocktails” doesn’t stop there. For your guests that do not drink alcohol, there is a chapter
included in this book on non-alcoholic cocktails such as the ‘Jersey Lilly’ and the ‘Sober Sunday,’
so they will no longer feel left out with their boring coca cola. It is a perfect addition to any bar.

There is an extensive introduction that includes a history of cocktails, a measure and conversion
guide for our international yachts, bar equipment and helpful hints and tips on preparing and
decorating cocktails, as well as some interesting historical facts about the origins and names of

Finally, as an invaluable time saving bonus, Kylie has included her spirits inventory list that you can adapt to your individual needs. So no more wasting time messing about with excel
spreadsheets. It’s done for you!

The Stewardess Bible has created a well-crafted book. The result? An exciting and well-presented cocktail book with an amicable blend of information.

Perfect for impressing super stars, hotel guests and family/friends alike.


The Stewardess Bible