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The Stewardess Bible’s  – Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts in 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope this blog post finds you all, happy,  healthy and in high spirits.  Christmas 2019 has come and gone this year I found it to be an emotional, beautiful and exhausting time.

For those ex-pats living in the Netherlands, you will understand my weariness at having to deal with St Nicolas on the 5th December followed up by Christmas on the 25th.

Walking that fine line between buying enough presents and champagne to appease the children and adults alike,  without over-consuming during this time.

That said, I think I found that balance, and we all had a very merry time.

The Stewardess Bible  - Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts in 2019

Exciting Times Ahead….2020 here we come!!!

Turning my attention to 2020, and as some of you are aware, the Chief Stewardess Bible was edited waaaayyy back in October 2016 and had been sitting in my drawer waiting for me to make the recommended adjustments from my editor.

Those recommended suggestions had to wait, as I was in my last trimester of a very heavy pregnancy. My beautiful baby boy,  gorgeous daughter, ever so patient husband and general household stuff have since taken up most of my time.

(Needless to say that I am NOT that perfect picture of a working mother like you see on Instagram and Pinterest), but I am trying my very best.

Now that my son is older, I can refocus my attention on my writing and yes, The Chief Stewardess Bible will be launched in January 2020.

For those who have already purchased a  full copy of The Stewardess Bible, you will receive a massive discount, when we launch The Chief Stewardess Bible, but I will send you the details through later, but for now, let’s look at:

The Stewardess Bible’s

Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts in 2019

Below is a list of The Stewardess Bible’s Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts in 2019.

No, I am not spying on you all… well I kind of am. You see, I am always looking for ways to add helpful content to my blog, in an attempt to make your life as a superyacht stewardess easier.

So I track (using google)  the blog posts that have received the most hits, which I have listed for your convenience below.

  1. Superyacht Crew Hierarchy | Have you ever wonder what a superyacht is & about the organisation structure of a yacht? This article explains this in detail.
  2. How to Write a Letter Of Recommendation | As a chief stewardess or interior manager, you may be required to write a letter of recommendation for your departing interior crew member.
  3. Breakfast Table Setting | As a superyacht stewardess, setting the table can be one way whereby you can release your inner creative diva.
  4. The Role of Etiquette in Our Society | Etiquette is defined as a set of habits, manners, and practices that are performed in different situations.
  5. The Power of a Smile in Guest Service | As a superyacht stewardess, you will have to go to great lengths to ensure that your guests feel comfortable, happy and if need be RIGHT!
  6. How to Manage Superyacht Crew Uniform | The establishment of specific applications such as a uniform inventory management program in superyachts can help reduce and even eliminate misuse and wastage of uniforms. It may even enhance the overall efficiency of work operations.
  7. How Much Does a Superyacht Stewardess Get Paid | How much a stewardess is paid plays a big role in service delivery. However, it is passion and determination for the job that makes a stewardess appreciative of the payment received.
  8. What Does a superyacht Stewardess Do | A superyacht stewardess wears many hats, think housekeeper, waitress, safety officer, guest relations, butler…
  9. How to take Care of an Orchid | As a Superyacht Stewardess, you will be required to take care of many flowers and plants on board.
  10. How to Detail-Clean a Cabin | Detailing, or detailed clean, is to clean the fine points, specifics, technicalities and subject. Basically It means basically to clean thoroughly.

The Superyacht Stewardess Blog

Write Crew Profiles

Of course, there are well over 100 helpful superyacht stewardess articles on my blog page which you can access for free at any time. In addition to that, I have compiled a comprehensive list of superyacht crew agencies which you can download here for free.

So that is it for now, please stay connected for more helpful superyacht stewardess tips and tricks and of course the long-awaited launch of The Chief Stewardess Bible.

Thank you for your patience and I wish you all a very successful 2020.

As always, I wish you safe travels and calm seas.

K x

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