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Setting up the Guest Compendium

The superyacht guest compendium provides guests with vital information, in a simple, elegant and effective way. Furthermore, It allows the guests to review the information at their own leisure.

Over the years, I have seen various yachts who let this side of housekeeping slip, the reasons are diverse, but the main reason is that the compendiums are typically kept on the desk or in a draw.

In addition, some senior crew are in opposition to providing  the cabins with compendiums for the following reasons:

  • It is not necessary on a private yacht
  • It distracts from the personal service which is found on a superyacht
  • The yachts information system is delivered via an electronic medium
  • Nobody bothers to read it, so it is a waste of time writing it.

Whilst these arguments may all have some validity to their particular yacht; I still believe that they are absolutely essential to instructing and advising the guests in a refined way.

At the very least, the compendium is a beautiful way to hold the yachts stationary within each of the guest cabins.

Do take your time when considering what to include in the compendium and the method in which you deliver it, i.e., via an electronic medium such a  tablet or in a traditional folder or both.

Next, think about what content you would like to include. Below are a few essential points to include, along with some optional ones.

Essential things to consider:

  • The welcome note from the captain
  • The build, age and length of the yacht
  • The crew profiles
  • The electric current of the yacht
  • Fire safety and emergency procedures
  • The proposed cruising itinerary.

Optional information:

  • The services that the yacht has to offer, such as onboard beauty treatments, and the toys which the yacht carries
  • Guest laundry procedures
  • What not to flush down the toilet
  • How the yachts audiovisual system works

In addition to this, you will also include the yachts high-quality stationery for your guest’s convenience.

Introducing the Superyacht Compendium to your Guests

The superyacht guest compendium is in no way meant to replace the exceptional service of the interior team; rather, it is intended to support the team a gentle way.

When escorting the guests to their cabin, and after discussing the details of the cabin, simply point out the compendium, to the guests,  so that they may refer to it at a later stage should they wish to.

Lastly, instruct your housekeeping team to check the compendium every day to restock any stationery that may have been used.

For your convenience, I have created an example of a guest compendium in appendix twelve of The Chief Stewardess Bible