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Time Management Skills for Interior Managers on Board Super Yachts

Time Management Skills for Interior Managers on Board Super Yachts


written by: kenn65 Super Yachts are meant for holiday travel purposes, so they typically resemble what happens in a physical 5 or 7star hotel on land. Because there can be so many things going on in a super yacht, hours can slip away unnoticed, which means tasks might be postponed, and procrastination begins setting in. This is the most dangerous zone an interior Manager, chief Stewardess or purser on-board a Super Yacht can find themselves in.


Time Management for Interior Managers on Board Super Yachts

If you were asked how well you manage your time, you wouldn’t answer that question with a straight face. Why? Because your days move from one crisis to the other, and this can be stressful and demonizing. In fact, it triggers your stress levels and even deprives you of productivity at work.


It is also true that most yacht professionals know that time should be managed well. However, despite knowing this, it’s difficult to identify the mistakes that keep eating on time. They simply need to identify the weak points, so they can easily rectify them and manage their time wisely.


There’s also an element of early procrastination, where time and money is deemed to be more available later than in the present. The future is looked as an ideal, and free from worries, and with lots of time to do whatever we are planning to get accomplished.


This is called ”responsibility overload”, which triggers more stress in people who can’t manage stress effectively. But the first step to avoiding this is when you say No to certain responsibilities/commitments that act as destruction to the ultimate goal.


Here’s a time-management checklist suitable for Managers, chief Stewardesses and Pursers on what needs to be done to utilize time effectively:



(a) Prioritize your Tasks

As a manager, it’s quite easy to procrastinate when you don’t like certain tasks. On the other hand, you could be feeling so tired to complete the job at hand. But either way, procrastination will eat into your time, and this is how to solve it:


-Complete the more challenging tasks first thing in the morning, when you and your team are fresh. By putting the most demanding tasks first, you will also avoid the stress and anxiety build-up associated with such tasks scheduled in the day.


(b) Goal Setting

When you can see your goal, you can handle all your tasks in a timely manner. Then there is technology to help you organize your day, week or even month accordingly.


When you have set goals in place, you can manage your time effectively, while giving you a true picture of what you can realistically achieve in one day. Therefore, to be able to achieve your goals, the following things must be considered:


– You must be having resources

– The right team of workers

– Your goals must be realistic

– A genuine interest to pursue them


(c) How to Meet Deadlines

If there were no deadlines, there would be no need of managing time. But because certain tasks are extremely important, they must be completed in good time. You can’t afford to rush through them because the outcome will be poor. Therefore, one rule of the thumb is to break a big task into smaller manageable tasks, which can be done before the deadline.


(d) Organize your Schedule

Being organized and managing time are inter-connected together, so don’t expect to be disorganized and think that you’ll utilize time effectively.


You see, people waste a lot of time when they text their friends, play computer games the better part of the morning, or even pile up lots of work to do, all at the same time. Therefore, staying organized is very key here. This is how you can achieve this:


De-clutter your Workstation

Clean up your workspace by getting rid of what you don’t need, and putting what you need in a strategic place. This is the only way to carry out tasks more efficiently.


Tools & Resources

Make sure these are available at your disposal. You can’t be organized when all you do is to move around in search for crucial tools and resources you need to get tasks accomplished.


Schedule your Work

You can plan and schedule your work accordingly. When you complete a task, cross it off the list and forget about it. When you don’t get it finished, record it as pending and work on it the next day. However, if you have extra energy, you can work overtime to avoid carrying it forward till the next day.


(e) Delegate Tasks

The importance of working as a team can never be emphasized more than this. If you attempt to accomplish tasks yourself, you’ll be a stressed out interior manager, and it is also likely to result in burn out. If you feel that some tasks are not as important in your list, delegate them to other colleagues so that you can focus on the most important ones to get done.



This also depends on the level of work you’ve been assigned by your immediate supervisor. Managers are typically busy people when out on those long journeys. So if your day is so structured that you can’t find time for minor duties, you can delegate some of those to your competent junior employees who can do it.


However, this might not be possible always. In such a case, you may need to make your supervisor know about how busy your day’s timetable is so that they reschedule accordingly. There’s no need of taking up many tasks, only to end up not doing them all.


(f) Focus

When you lose focus, you lose your goal as well. The two are interconnected. The moment you feel that you are being destructed by other things, it should be a red flag indicating that you are losing it. And in fact, work done this way is always poor-quality work.



All Managers, Chief Stewardesses and Pursers can utilize their time effectively when they follow the tips above. Managing time on a Yacht will make you have extra time at your disposal because tasks are completed early. It is also a key element when employers are valuing your competencies.


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