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Luggage tags

The simple luggage tag

Wardrobe Management OnBoard A Superyacht

It’s really no big secret in the Super Yacht world that when the guest arrived on board those first few minutes are crazy! New faces, drivers,agents,  luggage, luggage and more luggage…. Guests walking around,  welcome drinks , canapés, with a possibility of an immediate departure…yes there is no denying it that this is a very busy time.

As a super yacht stewardess you should have this routine so well organized that nothing will faze her cool calm demeanor. For the purpose of this exercise I will write it as if you have first time charter guests on board.

The luggage:

No matter if your guests are first time travellers or seasoned travellers there is ALWAYS a lot of luggage (I guess they don’t have to worry about the 20 kg rule or excess luggage :)).

My system on board was really quite simple!

Think luggage tags!

luggage tag

This  system worked really well for me for many years, just like in a hotel when the luggage comes on board and sits like a mini mountain in its designated area, don’t despair . When the guest identifies their luggage simply tag the bag with the relevant cabin.

Amazon has a million luggage tags to choose from, but if you don’t have time to order them then just print out the labels, punch a hole in the top and thread an elastic band through it and there you have it!! It’s just that simple.

The luggage can then be delivered to the correct cabin and the tags will stay on the luggage until the guest departure… Simply remove the tag and use it for the next charter.

 Depending on your resources, size of the vessel and how big your interior team is, this is how I ran the welcome day.

Have ready:

  • Hot or cold refresher towels, scented and presented well.
  • Prepare a welcome cocktail, and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Have ready welcome canapés.

The above three tips are the most basic of any welcome service on board a super yacht. You do not want to be setting up any of this when your guests arrive.


Depending on the safety policy of your vessel, you will know when it is the right time to  allow one of your girls (normally the laundry stewardess) to unpack the principle guests’ luggage. Again this is normal practice on any super yacht that you start with principle guest. Depending on your resources you will continue to unpack the other guests’ luggage if they so wish to continue with the VIP guest and so on.

 Wardrobe management.

Super yacht Wardrobe management

Colour co-ordinate

Mens wardrobe

  • All shirts are to be facing left (this is easier for right handed people to select and take out their shirt)
  • Button the top button, middle and last button (do not button all the way down)
  • Keep the same colours together
  • Keep short sleeved shirts together
  • Keep the long sleeved shirt together
  • Fold the under wear and socks the same way and order in colours
  • Fold mens swim shorts the same way
  • Arrange shoes by colour with the toes pointing out.
  • Colour co-ordinate sports jackets and suits

 Ladies wardrobe.

  • Keep with the same colour coding system
  • Dresses are hanging by a length
  • Do not put 2 skirts on 1 hanger
  • Underwear is folded the same
  • Fold bikinis the same way
  • Fold one piece swim suits the same way
  • Fold t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans the same way
  • Shoes colour coded, in heel heigt with toes pointing out


Unless you work on a 100m+ yacht with several people in the laundry, I would recommend taking a few pieces that the guest wants to wear that night and continue ironing their clothes bit by bit. This is usually very fine for most guests.


To summarise:

To summarize my article on wardrobe management, the rules are simple:

  • Be prepared for your guest’s arrival (with fresh towels food drinks and food).
  • Tag the luggage immediately
  • Color co-ordinate the wardrobe
  • Keep “like with like”
  • Always fold the same way clothing the same way




Thank you for reading my article on wardrobe management. As always I wish you safe travels and calm seas.