fbpx Superyacht Stewardess

 Who said that you need to work years as a second stewardess before becoming a chief stewardess? This ambitious chief stewardess knew what she wanted and went after it. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams.

What is your star sign?


Where do you come from?

Melbourne, Australia

How long have you worked in the super yacht industry?

I have worked in the super yacht industry for 8 months

What are your biggest accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishment is definitely becoming Chief Stew in such a short amount of time. I joined my yacht in October last year as second stew and have just recently been promoted to Chief Stew.

I know it is something that often takes years and a lot of ground work to achieve, so I am very proud that I moved up so fast. Being recognized for the your talent and hard work is very rewarding.

Sarah 2

Can you work under pressure?

I can work under pressure. I prefer to have a little bit of space to breathe, however, if you are well prepared pressure shouldn’t be an issue.

Plus, being a stewardess you don’t have a choice – pressure is felt almost every day during charter ha-ha.


What are your pet hates?

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