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Katie Wilter 2nd Stewardess M/Y Solaia (40m)

Location: Currently in Halifax, Nova Scotia heading back down the USA east coast on Sat.

Where are you working at the moment:M/Y Solaia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

What is your star sign: Taurus

Where do you come from: Cape Town, South Africa

How long have you worked on yachts: 1 year, 3 months (relatively green)

What did you like/dislike about your last job: Loved the crew, great parties but disliked the complete mismanagement and horrific HR treatment of the crew.

How did you get into the industry: I have a few friends who have done it and needed a break from 9-5 office job

What are your biggest accomplishments: My degrees: Bachelor of Journalism (Hons.), awarded an MTN scholarship to complete a post-graduate Diploma in Media Management with Distinction (both Rhodes University); completing 5 half marathons, proudly exploring many countries (still lots more to see), completing the Inca trail, and still having the same best friends from high school (love and miss you guys)

Can you work under pressure: Yes of course, I’m a stew and a graphic designer which is all about meeting deadlines 😉

stew Katie

What is the most difficult situation you have faced: As a yachtie – being stuck in horrid storms with extremely rough seas. In the life – death of friends and family and of course, everyone has their own personal struggles

What are your pet hates: People constantly sniffing (tissue?), narrow-mined perspectives, cynical people

Tell me about the last time you felt anger on the job: I guess it would have been fueled by lack of sleep. On my current yacht, I haven’t really felt anger. On my last yacht, I got really angry at the mismanagement and ill treatment of crew – we were known as the red-haired step child.

What do you do in your spare time: Blog, yoga, run, explore the place I’m in (with my camera, of course), party with friends, visit art galleries, wine and dine, try do something different, read magazine, books and blogs

What would you like to be doing five years from now: I would love to have a successful travel blog/ website running which offers me the flexibility to have a family life, to continue to do some freelance graphic design and writing. I would also like to have more time to paint and travel I hope to be inspired by everyday beauty I discover in various places, people and creative creations.

Where would be your favourite holiday destination and why: I am currently daydreaming of a yoga / surfing holiday in Costa Rica. I would love to be outdoors in the sea and sun, meditating and working on my body in yoga while chilling out, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. A little slice of heaven that would be!

Where do like to shop? In Europe – H&M, Pimkie, Zara, USA – Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Apple Store, ROSS and little boutique stores that I discover in tiny towns along my travels 🙂


Can you recommend a service or a product that may be helpful to other Stewardesses: I am a fond user of Seventh Generation cleaning products as they are environmentally friendly, gentle on the skin and scent-free. The washing liquid and dish washing liquid are great! I also like using wet Swiffer cloths for the crew mess floor which are quick, easy and smell great. Domestic goddess much!

Have you met any famous people and what were your thoughts: No-one really famous, just wealthy and well-known in their field. I admire such successful people and enjoy chatting to them about their success. However, I did serve a famous model who was a complete ditz. You win some, you lose some!

What do you enjoy most about your job: The travel and the salary which is easy to save!

Any advice for “newbies” in the industry: Stay positive, stick it out as it takes a while to get into the industry and, most of all, follow your instinct!

Finally can you tell me about your blog, what inspires you, how do you find the time to write etc..

I write whenever I have something great to share – be it my favourite song of the week, some recent photographs of what I have experienced or just my thoughts in words. I love all things travel, art, and beauty so those are my main categories of inspiration. I start thinking up phrases that I have to write down ASAP and then flesh it out from there. My blog content is quite varied from wake-boarding to cooking lobsters!
The name Eyehearttravel just popped into my mind one day during my hour break on a charter. Despite my zombie tiredness and the growing pile of laundry that I still had to iron, I sneaked my mini laptop and created a WordPress blog. It is relatively new but I am thoroughly enjoying my little project despite my crew teasing me and not seeing what the point of it is (What?You don’t get paid to do it?). My yacht owner enjoys reading my blogs and it’s also a great way to share what I’m up to with my family and friends back home. It is frustrating not having time to properly promote my blogs on Twitter and other online platforms which require constant attention but do what I can in between charters. Blogging is all about small wins – when I get over 100 hits a day I do a victory jiggle. It may be a tiny pip-squeak now but one day it may blossom into something grand (with over 30 000 viewers thus generating advertising income) so watch this space 🙂 Please visit my blog www.eyehearttravelblog.com

zanzibar Katie