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Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Yes, it’s that time of the year to get creative again. Christmas is a time of joy, love, laughter, good food and fine wine.

It is also a time of juggling many challenges at once, wearing many hats and meeting deadlines.

As a Super yacht stewardess you already have an artillery of attractive table setting ideas, so to add to this already impressive creative range, I have decided to share with you my top 5  Christmas Table Setting Ideas.

Get ready for some very pretty, festive and inspiring table decorating ideas.

Shimmery Table Setting

What I love About This Table Setting:

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle especially around the holiday season and this table setting is certainly full of sparkle.

I love the simplicity to it, use a simple crisp white table cloth as you base, followed by a dark coloured runner.

Next alternate gold and silver chargers.

Next let your imagination run wild, add the candles and sparkle.

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Christmas Ball Table Setting  

Could this idea be any simpler and cost effective? I think not J

What I love about this Christmas table setting idea:

I love the fact that it is just so simple, it won’t take up a lot of precious storage room on board and it’s a super cheap idea!

This could be used as a lovely lunch table setting

  • Uses a simple crisp white table cloth or green or red place mats.
  • Create the centre piece any glass or crystal cake stand.
  • Make a pyramid from the Christmas ball. Here they have used red balls, however you can use any colour of your choice.
  • Add the same colour Christmas balls to candle sticks to create some high on the table.
  • Use a simple low napkin fold and add some festive green foliage and there you have it.
  • Just perfect.

Image found on: Midwest Living

Red & Gold themed Christmas table setting


What I love about this table setting:

Oh wow… it’s just so pretty!!! So let’s state the obvious this is by no means a Cheap table setting. Therefore, I would reserve this for the main Christmas meal.

What I love about this Christmas table setting idea:

The actual setting is quite simplistic in design, however the use of quality fresh roses elegant gold trim and satin ribbon give the impression of elegance, luxury and something rather special.

  • I believe this table setting was used for a wedding but it can easily be used for Christmas.


  • Use a premium quality cream table cloth
  • Next add the rose balls
  • Use gold chargers if you don’t have glass with gold trim
  • Again use a simple napkin fold here with the rose. If you don’t want to use fresh roses here you can use a sprig of holly with a high quality satin ribbon.
  • Because not many people have access to these wonderful centre candelabras with the roses on top, experiment with what you do have, IE which can add a little height to the table.

Image found on: Styleathome.com

Nautical Theme Christmas Table

Who said you can’t be nautical at Christmas???…..

I mean lets face it you live and work on a boat and the people around you love the ocean, so lets get those nautical creative juices flowing!

What I love about this Christmas table setting idea:

I love the pure nature of it.

  • Use a crisp white or beige table cloth.
  • Build your center piece using green foliage, sea shells and star fish (we know you have plenty of those on board).
  • Now to give it a Christmas twist adds a little bling.
  • Keep the bling to silver and sparkling glass.
  • To make the Christmas cheer pop, you can also use a splash of blue.

These table settings are perfect for Christmas lunch

Children’s Christmas Table Setting

What I love About This Christmas Table Setting:

Let’s not forget the younger generation at this time, I mean these little people really know how to party!

Indulge your children with tis magical Christmas table decoration.

  • Keep it fun!
  • Let’s your inner child run free… think candy canes and reindeer.
  • Keep the colour combination to the traditional red, green and white.
  • For something a little different you can add a few plastic snow men and snowflakes, from the award-winning movie Frozen.
  • Keep the napkin fold simple so that little fingers can access it easily

Image found on: Southern Hospitality