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How to Be Creative When Setting a Table.

Ok ok ok OK… I  can hear you all screaming at me…  creativity must come from within….. Like  some mystical force, writing and painting,  singing and dancing its way out of  your skin; or if you think it is  reserved solely for those moody, broody  purple hair dying “artsy” people, well I’m here to tell you that is just  not the case!

Follow the simple steps  on how to be creative below and you  will be surprised at what you can  do.

How to be creative in 3  easy steps: 

Just picture this…. You are  on a thirty day charter and you have  set your superbly elegant and super creative  evening table setting, when it hits you  like a ton of bricks…

“Oh NO”  its only day seven! …..  What are  you going to do for the next 21  days?

Now let’s do some maths,  the chef has probably already done the  same,

  • That’s another twenty three breakfast table settings
  • Twenty two lunch tabke settings
  • Twenty two dinner  tables to set  (please don’t think  I’m exaggerating because this happened to  me).

So you look to your table linen  and decorations cupboards and call on  all of the forces for inspiration. Before  you fall into deep despair, engage your  creative brain and follow these 3 simple steps:

How to Be Creative When Setting a Table  –  Step 1.

Remember, there is no right  or wrong for this and there won’t  be a test at the end. As a child  you had the most brilliant imagination  before school, society and aging did their  best to knock it out of you.

Can  you remember playing as a child??   Now just channel your inner child.

Things that you will need  are:

• A good understanding of how to set a table, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet, and cocktail hour.

• Knowledge of what crockery, cutlery, glassware, table linen, reusable and non-reusable decorations that you have on board (or in your home for my domestic goddess readers).

• Time to plan (if time is short as it always tends to be then you need to be able to manage it properly).

• A creative spirit (Most important tool).

elegant table setting

How to Be Creative When Setting a Table – Step  2.

Ok, so you know you have  x amount of table linens, table clothes,  place mats, runners and napkins. So start  to mix and match, add paper napkins  into your fold for colouruse ribbons,  rope or vine instead of napkin rings.

While you’re at it,  mix and match  your crockery add glasses if the design  permits.

Remember, there is no right or  wrong when you are creating something.

How to be creative while setting the table


How to Be Creative When Setting a Table –  Step 3.

“Introducing a random element helps you to change perspectives”. So you already know how to set a table properly, so let’s start to theme the settings, this is usually done for lunch and dinner.

Some creative ideas could be:

• Colour theme: Black and white.. Take black and white photos of the events of the day, print them out and the guests will love them as keep sakes.

• Daily quotes: Get writing or copy some of the most favourite quotes of all time. Print them on cards and decorate accordingly.

• Daily mementos from the places you visited: If the budget allows pop into the closest tourist shop and pick up a selection of fridge magnets, postcards, and trinkets.

 Candle it up: This one really depends on the weather, location and yacht policy on candles, but it is such a simple and elegant way of decorating a space

• Costume Party: Again, if it is in the budget and if you have the space, this is really a fun way to mix it up and the guests love it.

You can check out the really affordable costumes at the following link:


I could go on and on,  but as it turns out the 21 days  flew by and my team and I didn’t  use the same idea twice. I will post  specific decoration ideas a little  later on but until then, don’t panic, channel your inner child to get your imagination going, and remember to mix it up!.

Thanks for reading my How  to be creative article.

As always, safe travels and calm seas



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