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An Interview with Rookie Stewardess Annick Suplicy

What is your star sign?

> Capricorn


  • Where do you come from?

> Born is Spain, raised in Brazil.


  • Where do you call home now?

> Well… my family lives in Brazil, but since this January I’ve  been living in Spain.


  • How long have you worked in the super yacht industry?

> For 10 months.


  • What are your biggest accomplishments?

> I’m junior so nothing big happened yet, but I guess being invited to temporarily work in another boat of my owner in the Seychelles!


  • Can you work under pressure?

> I assume is very hard. I still have to control my bad mood.


  • What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

> Dropping my Biological Sciences course because I was unhappy without knowing what to do after.


  • What are your pet hates?

>People being ironic to me; people chewing with mouth open; others shouting or being loud; people slamming doors.


  • Tell me about the last time you felt anger on the job

> When a few other crew started whinging (just for the sake of whinging) about some organization improvements I implemented.


  • What do you do in your spare time?

> I’m  in a very low energy moment of my life, so I’m being quite lazy an staying indoors too much. But I love going out for a good dinner; whenever the opportunity shows, I go diving or snorkelling.


  • What makes you laugh?

> Good times with friends! And booze… with friends!


  • What would you like to be doing five years from now?

> I see myself bein a chief stew or purser in a great boat with good rotation, which would allow me to travel a lot.


  • Where would be your favourite holiday destination and why?

> This doesn’t exist… favorite… I love too many places. But maybe I’d say I prefer the seaside. So wherever I find a good breeze, sun, good diving and amazing food, I’m  in.


  • Where do like to shop?

> Small local shops with good produced locally.


  • Can you recommend a service or product that may be helpful to Super yacht Stewardesses?

> Too newbie yet to give advices.


  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

> The unique combination of a hospitality job that allows me to move a lot and meet new places and people around the world.


  • What specific training was required to obtain this job?

> Since my position is junior Housekeeper, apart from the STCW 95 and ENG1, nothing extra was demanded. But I invested in a 5-day Interior Course.

An Interview with Rookie Stewardess Annick Suplicy

  • Can you tell me some vocabulary or terminology specific to your job?

> Cannot think of…


  • What type of reading do you do on a daily basis?

> Health blogs, news, and some of my fiction e-books


  • If you could go back and change something related to your education or your life as a student what would you change or what would you do differently?

> I’m not sure if I would change anything… although I dropped Biology on the second year of Uni, graduated in Product Design and worked only 2 and a half years in the area, I feel that these experiences made me know myself better and led me to the place I’m now – and I’m really happy!


  • What inspires you?

>Traveling for sure! In between the ligns means the experiences I have while being in a new place, being exposed to new culture, language and people. The best thing in the world.