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Laundry Instructions

This is probably not the most glamorous subject to talk about, but its a subject that has caused me a lot of grief over the years.

The laundry is an essential DAILY activity on board and like at home those sneaky clothing items (like socks), seem to effortlessly  find their way into the “ABYSS” that every laundry seems to have and laundry accidents DO happen.

To achieve a harmonious laundry just follow these 10 simple steps:

Some problems that you may have in the laundry are:missing socks, colour stained clothes. ie, pink, grey, brown, green, yellow, etc.; shrinkage, clothes go missing… or not making it back to the right cabin……..

  • Sort into colours, and items… such as sort  the towels from the delicate’s, sort clothing into 3 categorieslights,  darks and colours, dry cleaning ONLY items should NEVER go into the wash.
  •  Items that should always be washed separately are: Engineers overalls, galley towels, and cleaning rags.
  •  Treat stains, with proper strain treatment product.
  • Check the label.
  • Load the machine with right items. DO NOT OVER LOAD THE MACHINE.
  • Do use a gentle or trusted laundry detergent. DO NOT use too much detergent.
  • Do use a low heat, Unless it’s for the galley towels, even then there is no need to go above 60 (Celsius).
  • Do not use fabric softer on any towels or cleaning rags.
  • Dry on a low to medium temperature. There is no need to cook your clothesTowels may be dried on a hotter temperature. DO NOT put wool or delicate items in the dryer
  • DO maintain all your laundry equipment on a regular basis.
More detailed laundry instructions will follow in a later post.