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Superyacht Crew Profiles

Superyacht Crew are the heartbeat of the yacht. They are central to the yacht functioning in a coherent, professional and effective manner. The crew is the “human element” working in synergy with an abundance of luxury onboard, offering the guests a seven-star plus cruising experience.

Therefore, it is imperative that the guests know who their crew are and how their individual skills add to the synergy of the yachts functioning.


How to Write Crew Profiles

Crew profiles are not everyone’s cup of tea to write, and I know many senior crew who avoid doing this task, until the very last minute. This avoidance results in flat and uninteresting compositions that nobody wants to read.Writing these profiles, however, was one job, which I was happy to do, and I relished in the creativity of such a task.

So why write a crew profile?

In short, to inform the yacht’s guests who the crew are. These profiles are added to the guest compendiums and left in the cabins, for the guests to read at their leisure, along with familiarising themselves with the yacht’s other operational procedures.

What is the best way to approach writing these profiles? I found there is two preferred way. The fist is a personal chat with each individual crew member for a more casual flowing biography.

The second way is to read their CVs and compile an exciting picture of who they are. Furthermore, and as an added bonus of adopting this formal style of writing, is that you have all of their education, technical skills and interest all in one place, which is a great time saver.

Now, think about your international environment in which you work. Many guests may not be native English speakers. Therefore, use simple language with easy to read sentences.

Long-drawn out grammatically correct sentences can be a real bore, and your guests may lose interests in the crew profiles very quickly. Lastly, have someone else read the profiles before printing them out and adding them to the compendiums.

Now that you have chosen your preferred style, simply start the beginning, with an introduction. Include their name, job title how long they have worked onboard.

Next, comes the fun part where you get to be a little more creative and show their personal side. Things you can discuss here may include, where they come from, what their professional credentials are.

Writing The Crew Profiles

When writing the crew profiles, consider the personal qualities and professional, credentials which are commonly associated with the relevant positions.

For example:

PositionPersonal QualitiesProfessional Accomplishments
CaptainAchiever, kind, curious, focused, inspired, positive, uplifting, driven, determined, Always at the forefront, trustworthyAccomplished, expert, leader, experience, innovator, authority, safety, commander, authorised, licenced,
Chief OfficerTenacious, earnest, noble, industrious, direct, meticulousResourceful, dependable, direct, professional, certified,
BosunIntrepid, athletic, strong, flexible, considerate,Skilful, accomplished, seasoned,
DeckhandSeeker of adventures, hard-working, fit, cordial,Accomplished, trained, endorsed,
Chief EngineerCapable, innovative, ingenious enterprising, disciplined, natural problem solverExperienced, knowledgeable, proficient, licensed, commissioned,
Second EngineerProficient, skilful, adaptive, selfless, tolerantQualified, licensed, experienced, skilled,
Chief StewardessGracious, supportive, friendly, considerate, respectful, understanding, insightful, discreetExperienced, degree, diploma, knowledgeable, disciplined
StewardessHappy, enthusiastic, cooperative, capable, helpful, gentle,Approved, certified, competent, suitable
Head ChefCreative, inspired, visionary, unorthodox, accommodating, kind-hearted,Accredited, certified, endorsed, appointed,
Second ChefZealous, efficient, predisposed, likeable,Trained under, recognised, educated

For your convenience, I have created six sample crew profiles in appendix twelve of The Chief Stewardess Bible for the purpose of adaptation.