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Life is like a work of art. If you don’t like what you see… Paint over it!

How to Care for Fine Art

What is fine art?

Fine art such as paintings and sculptures are items of beauty, carefully and skilfully created primarily for aesthetic purposes.

As you know the crockery, cutlery, linens, vases, furniture and soft fitting on board a super yacht is of the highest quality, and the art work in no exception.

Moreover the art work on board has been specifically chosen by the owner, therefore in many cases adding more value to the art piece.

Before you begin:

Before you begin cleaning the art, you need to identify what the item is made of. Is it an oil painting or is it a bronze sculpture with crystal fixtures?

Obviously the two items differ greatly,however, myy point here is to be mindful at all times when it comes to cleaning the art work.

What you will need:

  • Clean white Microfiber cloth
  • Soft duster
  • Soft make up brush
  • White cotton service gloves

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Put your cotton gloves on, the natural oils in your skin can leave marks.
  2. With the soft make up brush or duster, gently remove any dust particles.
  3. With the microfibre cloth, dust around the frame.
  4. If cleaning a sculpture, wear your gloves and do not polish or aggressively clean the art work.

Additional tips and advice:

  • If you have removed the item from the wall or from its fixture for cleaning, do not lean it against a sharp corner.
  • Pull the shades if the artwork is in prolonged sunlight.
  • Always use two hands when carrying the art work.
  • Avoid spraying room freshener near the artwork
  • Avoid spraying vinegar of furniture spray near the artwork.
  • Cover the artwork when the carpets are being cleaned.

For metal sculptures, use the gently dusting methods above.

If the item is starting to oxidise due to the salt air, then have it professionally attended to