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The Stewardess Bible chats with Katija Kipre.

 This beautiful Chief Stewardess has a passion for travel, with a healthy dose of experience to back up her yachting career.


Super Yacht Chief Stewardess

What is your star sign? – Gemini, bubbly and smiley person 🙂

Where do you come from? – I come from Cavtat.

A lovely little fishermen town near Dubrovnik, where I have worked in the wine bar and met some great crews and yacht owners and one of them gave me my first yacht job.

Where do you call home these days? – Cavtat has and will always be my home, but I currently live in Palma with my fiancé.

What was your last job and what did you like/dislike about it: Chief stew on 40 m, a lot of work and a demanding owner.

  • Likes – an opportunity to meet new people and expanding knowledge,
  • Dislikes – guests’ ingratitude

What are your biggest accomplishments? – My greatest accomplishment is being exactly who I am today; healthy and smiley sister, daughter, fiancé, aunt and friend.

Can you work under pressure? – This is my favourite type 🙂

When you work under pressure, you can see the best that you are capable of and if you are on the right place. Time flies and you simply do what needs to be done 🙂

What is the most difficult situation you have faced? – Losing someone you love.

What are your pet hates? – I hate lies and pretending

Tell me about the last time you felt anger on the job – Last job, after training a stew for two months. Giving 150% to the job and her training, she left in the middle of the season and there I was all alone…

Chief Stewardess

What do you do in your spare time? – My passion is yoga, writing my diary and travelling.

What makes you laugh? – Friends, my brother’s children (they always find a way to make me laugh regardless of where I am).

What would you like to be doing five years from now? – I would like to start my own business and spend as much time as possible with my family.

Where would be your favourite holiday destination and why? – Thailand, the land of smiles. It is perfect and makes you realize how little you need for happiness.

 Where do like to shop? – Wherever I find things I like! 🙂

Superyacht Chief Stewardess

Can you recommend a service or a product that may be helpful to Super yacht Stewardesses?  – My favourite one is a Hagerty flatware, silver dip and the best one and a must have is Murphy soap for a wood.

What specific training was required to obtain this job? – You are for the job, or you aren’t.

Even with the training it is all very logical. I have a medical care on board slip and in my opinion, every stew should have it! Regardless of the training you have the most helpful things are general knowledge and a smile 🙂

It is a great job, but it brings a completely different lifestyle and you need to make changes and be ready for them.

 What type of reading do you do on a daily basis? – Always peak into stew bible, and lately after I got engaged, I read a lot of wedding magazines! I’m getting married in October next year, and it needs to be perfect! 🙂

 If you could go back and change something related to your education or your life as a student what would you change or what would you do differently? – I would be different in high school, I wouldn’t allow myself to lose a year, then it seemed cool, but it wasn’t, but hey, it’s all part of the life and it was definitely a good lesson

 What inspires you? – I have always been inspired by the advices and wisdoms from my late grandmother, she has and will always be my Yoda.

Super Yacht Chief Stewardess

 The Stewardess Bible would like to thank Katija for the interview. We wish her well with her job hunt and lots sunshine on her wedding day :).