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The Superyacht industry is all about service and striving for excellence in service.  This can not be more pertinent for the Superyacht stewardess. So what words come to mind when you think of excellence in service? Let me share with you a few that come to my mind:



Excellence in Service & The Superyacht Stewardess

I could go on but you get the idea… Achieving excellence in service to me means giving the guest more than what they anticipated, but no more than what they are willing to accept.

Being a superyacht stewardess your main focus is on the guest and how they are enjoying their holiday. Sure, you have your daily duties to attend to, however, these skills are not that hard to master What is important is finding the right tone with your guests and understanding how much service your guests are willing to receive.

When I was working my way up in 5*hotels, one of my jobs would be to meet the VIP guests, check them in and be their point of contact within the hotel.

Whilst my superiors were happy with my customer service skills I never really understood the concept of the ” VIP guest”… For me, all guests were important regardless of the socioeconomic status, the position held or their political influence.

Working on superyachts supported this premise as we all know that superyacht owners are UBER wealthy, the charter guests are super rich, but what about friends of the owner or the family of the charter guest???

As it turns out they acted and behave just as expected… Just like guests! My point here is that you should treat everyone with the same respect and strive to offer everyone excellent service whilst they are on board. Endeavour to make all of your guests feel like VIPs.

Now, this is not to say that everyone should receive the same service….NO! People are individuals and as such, as a superyacht stewardess should adapt to each individual need.

The culture of delivering world-class service stems from the Captain who supports his team in whatever way he/she can. For the Chief Stewardess, this is her area to shine…educating and guiding the other stewardesses, so that they may learn what it means to be able to deliver a world-class level of service.

Customizing your service skills to your guest’s needs ensures that you are on the right path to delivering a world class service. The best way to do this is to make all your guests feel like VIP guests.

For example, if you are trying to engage your guest in conversation… asking too many questions… Being too enthusiastic or too pushy may leave your guest feeling smothered, which let’s face it is simply annoying…

The important tip here is to give as much service as your guest is willing to receive! Another recommendation is to do a little cultural research about your guests. Educate yourself about cultural habits, food and beverage preferences and social etiquettes. This way everyone wins.

So to conclude here is a summary of my top tips for achieving excellence in guest service:

  • Treat everyone like a VIP
  • Learn the cultural and social habits of your guests
  • Remember that everyone is unique, so adjust your service to their individual needs.

Everyone deserves to receive excellent service whilst on board. Even if they may not outwardly show it, your guests will appreciate the efforts that you go to for them, they even may leave you a tip 🙂


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